Current K-pop #4: f(x)

I never really talked about f(x)’s “Pinocchio” comeback, so I guess I’ll talk about “Hot Summer.” I can’t get over how bad this song is. Like…it’s awful. It’s repetitive, linear, and such musical fail. The rap is horrifying, the song doesn’t go anywhere, there is nothing interesting about it, and it’s actually grating. And f(x) keeps up with this annoying trend of performing speak-sing songs, which I wish would die already. And I can’t get over how the combination of Krystal’s first speak/sing line and her body shaking choreography makes her look like a jittery crack addict.

But there are three redeeming things about this repackage comeback, so I’ll hone in on that instead…

Redeeming thing #1:

Everyone looks really good. As you know, this is vital for anything in the entertainment biz, so if all else fails, looking good will get you one step farther than you were before. Also, Luna also got rid of her ugly blonde hair. Thank the lord.

Redeeming thing #2:

Amber gets to do so much more than usual! Huge step up. She’s usually so energetic during all their performances, but the problem is that she has so little to do that it’s like watching a crazy energetic young puppy run around in circles, chasing its tail, barking like crazy, only to get no attention whatsoever. Now Amber gets to lead dances and sing lines and all that good shit! What a crazy, crazy world we live in.

Plus, for all the bitching that people do about Amber looking like a guy, having a penis, blah blah BLAH BLAH, she actually has it the best. She never has to wear high heels during performances and always gets to dance around in the most comfortable clothes. I don’t know about you, but if I were a female idol, I’d trip myself trying to be the Amber of the group. Years of dancing in heels are SO BAD for your ankles and who wants to worry about flashing their panties while doing sexually provocative dance moves?

Redeeming thing #3:

Their dance is actually a little crazy and ridiculous–especially at the chorus–but it’s actually really complicated and interesting, like all their other dances. You really have to pay attention to the people dancing in the background when someone is singing in their line, and this is usually hard because the camera pans on the person singing, but watch the people dancing in the background. It’ll make you reconsider their choreography.

  • mina

    Thank god i’m not alone. I hate this song with a passion. I don’t get why people like this song, the choreography is awful, the singing/speaking is annoying. Victoria looks funny somehow. Maybe it’s the hair, or the outfit, i don’t know but she just looks awkward with this song/ dance. That’s all i have to say.

  • Michelle

    I’m glad that there’s someone in this world who dislikes their speak-sing songs.

  • melanie

    I find it disgusting to the core how SM Entertainment laughs their way to the bank by “remaking”/”covering”/(buying rights to songs) all these hideous songs. Says a lot about how brilliant SM markets their artists and how false K-POP idolatry is.