City Hunter, episodes 5 to 10

This drama is velly, velly good at packing the suspense. Some of their earlier cliffhangers were awful, but it seems like they’re getting the hang of them and taking each storyline to the next level. I like that City Hunter is suspenseful in a lower-key way, where not everything is as epic and as demanding as the storylines in, say, Iris or Athena. I like that there are complications to the revenge story, not merely because there are obstacles in committing revenge, but there is an obstacle in revenge ideology, which is just delicious.

But this drama is far from being perfect because while I am seriously wowed by some turn of events in the story, I am simultaneously very fatigued by others and can absolutely dread certain parts of the storyline, which is very strange for me because I’m usually on one extreme side of the spectrum with a drama.

Let’s start with the good:

1. I love how righteous Lee Yoon-sung is about revenge. If anything, his character is the one with the most “need” for revenge, since his father got killed and his mother was taken away from him. Yet he is so level-headed about what exactly committing revenge does that I’m really taken by surprise, which is a compliment to the story’s excellent writing. This is one aspect that I almost never consider about revenge stories, nor is it ever presented to me in that way (whether in movies or TV, from all over the world). What happens when the person you’re trying to get revenge on also has a family and others who love them? How does that lessen the legitimacy of revenge? Excellent food for thought.

2. I like the fast revealing of identities because lord knows that dramas always suck all the ever-loving daylight out of mysteries by prolonging them. So I dig that the doc knows Yoon-sung is City Hunter, and I dig that Na-na knows that Yoon-sung is City Hunter, because then we can avoid the reveal that takes 234293048 episodes long. It will only do the story a favor by hastening the City Hunter reveal, because it forces the writers to take the story elsewhere and be more creative about it.

3. Lee Min-ho is JUST SO COOL (and simultaneously dorky), GUYS. I hope he’ll always play conflicted action heroes because he just does them so well, and adds so much depth to them. I also wish I could gif for you every time he does his glorious Walk of City Hunter Glory.

And the not so good:

1. This drama is incredibly repetitive. Every target is handled in exactly the same manner and it sometimes feels like I’m watching the same episodes over and over again because the characters keep having the same conversations with each other (“Don’t you dare meddle!” “My dad’s gonna kill him, let’s get him before he gets them!” “You’re evil, let me dig up something on you that can be used against you.”) I mean, we’ve already gotten two bad guys outted by videos taped of them saying something they don’t want the public to hear, and Na-na has already been “fired” twice, angsted over it, only to then find out she hasn’t really been fired and can be reinstated. Come on.

2. Jin-pyo is so unreasonable that he is sticking out as a really bad caricature of a villain right now. There is nothing very human about him, which I can understand as intentional on the writer’s part, for him to act as a foil to Yoon-sung, but he is SO full-steam-ahead-revenge that I almost laugh at him when he gets angry about Yoon-sung devastating his great awesome revenge plans.

3. I just absolutely glaze over the political treason parts. I mean, I can do political treason fine — I did watch Athena and Iris — but like I said in point 1, everything is incredibly repetitive and uninteresting. So far, the only target that I have any interest in is the president, played by Chun Ho-jin, who I LOVE. He is the only non-stock villain and it’s just an annoyance that we have to get through so many stock ones to finally get to his part of the story.

4. Park Min-young is still bland and boring. And then put her together with Lee Min-ho and her incompetencies become glaring. Sorry guys, no amount of hating on me is gonna get me to change my opinion on this.

5. An incredible amount of this drama’s score is lifted from Inception. It’s bugging the shit out of me.

  • rianna


    yeah.. i agree with you about park minyoung.. gaaah! i just wanna punch her not-well-made-plastic-nose!

    and the kissing scene! lee minho is a goooooooooooood kisser she’s meeeeeh! idek.

    what i love about city hunter is that.. it’s freaking addicting! :3 i love lee minho and creepy adoptive appa’s acting when they’re together <3