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Simplifying and decluttering #1: The wallet

If there are two things I must absolutely get for the summer, it’s a wallet and a pair of durable and comfortable flats*.

I’ve had many a wallet in the past 5 years, and while I outgrew some, the others were Bad Purchases. If there’s one piece of advice I have to give about simplifying, decluttering, buying less and buying better, it’s this:

Do not — and I mean it, do not — think that buying something cheaper or buying something to “tide you over” is a good idea. Whatever you’re planning on putting down hard-earned money to buy, be it a pair of shoes or some fancy technology, once you make it a goal, stick to it, work towards it, and don’t let other items distract you along the way.

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…y’all look fly as fuck.

City Hunter, episodes 5 to 10

This drama is velly, velly good at packing the suspense. Some of their earlier cliffhangers were awful, but it seems like they’re getting the hang of them and taking each storyline to the next level. I like that City Hunter is suspenseful in a lower-key way, where not everything is as epic and as demanding as the storylines in, say, Iris or Athena. I like that there are complications to the revenge story, not merely because there are obstacles in committing revenge, but there is an obstacle in revenge ideology, which is just delicious.

But this drama is far from being perfect because while I am seriously wowed by some turn of events in the story, I am simultaneously very fatigued by others and can absolutely dread certain parts of the storyline, which is very strange for me because I’m usually on one extreme side of the spectrum with a drama.

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I approve of this comeback

This is probably one of the funnest Kpop performances I’ve seen in a while. I would kind of kill to watch them perform this at some sort of venue where I can jump and dance. This song is not innovative to be sure, but it’s just the right amount of 2PM fun that we’ve been missing from our lives ever since their earth shattering Jay scandal, no? Everyone looks so good and the energy of the song fits 2PM perfectly. It’s also really age appropriate, which is something I can almost never say about anything Kpop related ever. (Grown ass girls holding lollipops as props, underage boys wooing women twice their age, adolescent boys dressing up like 50 year old bikers…)

Adolescent boys one-shotting and gyrating feverishly: PERFECTION.

My one and only complaint, and this is a repetitive complaint, is: why is the Junho to Chansung line ration always like 1:50? Who the fuck is paying money to listen to Chansung sing? To even open his mouth, in fact? Don’t get me wrong, I l-o-v-e Chansung but it’s just some sort of worldly injustice to keep a good Junho down to let Chansung rap and sing teeth-gnashingly bad.

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Buy less, buy better

I’ve been thinking a lot about reorganizing and simplifying all aspects of my life, so my summer project is to do a rehaul of all the things I own. It really just comes down to: be a smarter shopper and buy less, but buy better.

With my library, I just simply do not have space to keep buying books. So I remedied that with a Kindle. As a reader though, I find the most interesting reading material while I’m browsing at a bookstore, and not at the Kindle store online, so I’m in a bit of a tough spot. It’s hard to let go of buying books; they exist for a reason. What I’m trying to do is to take down the titles of all the books I want to read and buy them at a later time for my Kindle. Books I have to scribble all over (social science and history books), I buy in hard format. Novels and anthologies, I buy for the Kindle.

I’m taking a super long time to come up with a game plan for simplifying my warddrobe because I’m simultaneously trying to buy high-quality pieces and wrestle with the fact that I’ve been a horrible shopper all these years. I obviously do not have an unlimited budget to buy tons of high-quality pieces all at once, so I’m doing it slowly. Now, couple this with a serious lack of clothes and I’ve got a problem. I am honestly not one of those people with ginormous closets who say “OMG I have no clothes to wear!” Because I’ve been such a bad shopper, all the clothes I’ve gotten in the past have either been in-the-moment purchases or purchases that don’t last/don’t fit well after a couple of washes. So they have all been donated to charity and now I am left with very little weather-appropriate clothing. Ditto for shoes.

My goal is to slowly curate all seasons-appropriate clothing and shoes that will last me a long time, and create a basic warddrobe that I won’t get sick of, and that can be wildly versatile.

To be continued…