Romance Town, episodes 5 and 6

Bad dramas are the ones that make you suspend your disbelief for way too long. Romance Town is certifiably bad, no if’s, and’s or but’s. Unfortunately, I refuse to give it up. Refuse!

Romance Town is bad because:

1. It makes me suspend my disbelief for too long. I am pretty forgiving of a lot of things shown on TV, even if it may seem like I’m not–after all, I’m still watching this crappy drama, aren’t I?–but little things that really stick out to me stay in my mind for a while, so I do have a tendency to cling. Par example: I can understand Soon-geum not recognizing Gun-woo post-weight loss, but Gun-woo not recognizing Soon-geum because of winged eyeliner and fucking hair extensions? This sort of set-up is makes me antsy because writers assume that their watchers are stupid. Sure, it builds tension and adds conflict when the truth is eventually revealed, but something so simple is bound to leave watchers frustrated. It’s such a comfortably predictable outcome that there is no challenge.

2. It has no idea what its wants its tone to be. Is it funny? Trying to make a point about gender and class? Sweet? Defiant? I think the drama is really clumsy with its epiphanies of how maids are humans! just! like! us! Sung Yu-ri is really just not strong enough an actress to make those statements with conviction and make me believe in her plight. The end game has to be some sort of modern take on the star-cross/class-crossed lovers, but this drama just ain’t smart enough to be one of those. At best it’ll be a hot guy loving a hot girl he used to hate.

…but I can’t stop watching Romance Town because:

1. I like everybody on the main cast, a lot. Jung Kyu-woon has that magic rom-com flavor in him that makes him instantly likable in all rom-com projects. He’s like … Hugh Grant or something. Not a very good intense actor, but completely and utterly lovable in all fluffy, light projects. (Tried to watch Sign for him, but LOL, that drama…) He also makes the best facial expressions on the block and I gotta watch this for his expressions alone.

I also like Kim Min-joon a lot, despite never having seen anything he’s done (though I really should get on Friend, A Legend). He does the goofy, rich playboy really well and those tiny, tiny moments where he has to get serious are really enjoyable too, so I can’t wait until the drama settles into a more dire, shall we say, tone.

Min Hyo-rin I just loved from Triple and so far I feel like she’s not getting as much screen time as she deserves. Her character is still relatively low-key, and she hasn’t had a chance to really hash out the more dramatic side of her. Min is one of those rare actresses whose aegyo and cutey shrillness don’t bother me so much, so I don’t even mind that she acts like a little brat sometimes, lol.

As for Sung Yu-ri…okay, I like her least, but still, I like her. I just wish her acting were more even. Part of this complaint has to do with a badly written character (so are you smitten with the guy or do you just wanna punch him in the face?! Convince me properly, please!) and part of it is just Sung’s weakness as an actress. But still, she’s likable and serviceable for the part. Her character is one of those characters where I think to myself constantly, “If she were played by a better actress…”

2. Did I mention that Jung Kyu-woon is really hot? And tall? And that Kim Min-joon is also really hot? And tall? *drool*

  • linhee

    I actually had no idea that it was Sung Yuri with the make-up and hair extensions when I first saw her from the photos that fans took XD

  • boshky

    romance town is kind of adorbs for me :)