Mr. Kim Jae-won

Owner of the best smile in the world.

Can You Hear My Heart? is sortofmaybe very terrible. I’m not a Hwang Jung-eum fan and her character is driving me absolutely insane, but Mr. Kim Jae-won is where the tortured soul’s at.

  • boshky

    I actually quite enjoyed the kids early on in the series :) I haven’t really been watching it post-kids, but I’ve been reading the recaps by softy.
    And agreed. Mr. Kim Jae-won is owner of the best smile in the world. Is it me, or did he get better post-army?

    • Amy

      I enjoyed the first two episodes quite a bit but I was getting antsy and impatient towards the end, mostly because this drama is structured in the same way most weekend dramas tend to be — lots of family secrets and I’m just not interested in that.

      He totally got better post-army. Most Korean men seem to, heh.

  • dubit

    hmmm i think he is HOT!!!! Its hard for me, a foreigner,to tell what is good acting since majority of my attention is on the lack of subtitles! No offense to anyone, I am just greatful people spend time out their day to share the love! But really its hard to judge since the majority of the story is based on the body language and the atmosphere to tell me whats going on. And if I can get the emotions that I am suppose to feel then, I think they did a good job! I love the first 4 episodes, i thought it was extremely cute. But i am more excited where there adult version will go!!! So far loving it! but it seems to be going quick, i heard this was suppose to be 30 episodes. And is it me but do we have a mommy complex! but the mom is hurting my heart she was so good, did dong joo tell her what he saw the night he fell? As for the main girl’s character, she has her annoying moments but come on its all about family!