Mr. James Stewart

I went through a black and white movies phase during high school. I’ve obviously gotten out of the phase, but I still think James Stewart is the handsomest man ever.

  • Kate

    Oh thank god I’m so glad that some else appreciates how handsome & talented he was!!

  • Alixana


  • streetsahead

    The Philadelphia Story is still one of my favorites and every time I watch it’s like, WHY DIDN’T YOU GET THE GIRL, JIMMY?

    • Amy

      OMG the philadelphia story is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. i loved cary grant but i was totally rooting for james stewart.

      • streetsahead

        ughh one of my all times too! The dialogue and wit held up so well after quite some time.

        I still don’t understand how you could have chosen ANYONE (OH, C.K. DEEEXTER HAAAAAAVEN) over Mike because after watching it, I was left in a state of Pining For My Own Mike Connor or James Stewart, I’m Not Picky.

  • Elle

    He definitely has the SMOLDER on screen… There’s something about old school Hollywood shots that seem so glamorous.