Drama FYI

If you’re currently drama fiending like I am, here’s a list of premiere dates and stats for upcoming dramas so you know just when to go crazy:

  • 05/04 (Wed.) – BEST LOVE (MBC)

    – Starring Gong Hyo-jin, Cha Seung-won, Yoon Kye-sang, Yoo In-na
    – Shenanigans to the n’th degree of a hated ex-idol (Gong) and a beloved actor (Cha)
    – (+) The entire cast!
    – (-) Possibly stupid female lead, even stupider secondary female

  • 05/09 (Mon.) – LIE TO ME (SBS)

    – Starring Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan
    – (+) Video teaser reveals that this might be a lot funnier than I expected because Kang Ji-hwan is funny (and fine as hale to boot)
    – (-) Forced fake marriage. Sigh. When will we tire of this?

  • 05/11 (Wed.) – ROMANCE TOWN (KBS)

    – Starring Song Yu-ri, Jung Kyu-won, Min Hyo-rin
    – (+) Jung Kyu-won, and the possibility that he will be shirtless
    – (-) Plucky, happy-go-lucky girl serving rich, uptight chaebol

  • 05/25 (Wed.) – CITY HUNTER (SBS)

    – Starring Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young
    – (+) Lee Min-ho playing a different character every time he stars in a drama
    – (-) Park Min-young

  • 05/30 (Mon.) – RIPLEY (MBC)

    – Starring Lee Dae-hae, Park Yoo-chun, Kim Seung-woo, Kang Hye-jung
    – (+) Seeing Kang Hye-jung back on the small screen, watching my imaginary baby daddy Kim Seung-woo
    – (-) Possibly trainwrecky story filled with really melodramatic betrayals and revenges
    – (-) Yoo-chun getting the girl?! Against Kim Seung-woo?!?!

    • http://astromantic.org f

      I really like that Yoochun is finding work to do.

    • G

      Its funny how they’re not even all in the same week…it’s just going to be piling up one after another, each week of May…I seriously have no clue as to what to watch

    • http://blueeyesandfinelies.wordpress.com/ Kate

      To many dramas to process at one time……… I just don’t know what to pick & what not to