Cheer up, emo kid

I can’t be the only person who thinks that there’s a slightly depressing undertone in almost all the interviews he gives (and tweets he tweets, smiles he smiles)?

Nobody pops their collar like that anymore, Yoo Ah-in, but it’s okay, I’ll make an exception for you.

  • marie

    especially slightly depressing tweets! have you seen his launch my life? there too.

    • Amy

      No I haven’t, but the reason I haven’t is because he’s too depressing to watch in action. His depressed state is even more projected, despite the things he does to appear nonchalant and callous.

      • EyeG0o

        Are you suggesting that his harsh mannerisms are intentional on his part? In an attempt to portray a certain image or character to his audience, perhaps?

  • Joy

    I swear he does. I really really really hope that he doesn’t commit suicide. When will he do a new drama?

    • Amy

      Oh dear, that’s too horrible a thought. I can only hope he will soon. And because I am selfish, I hope he will be the lead and get the girl and all that good stuff :3