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Spring cleaning

In the process of cleaning out my room and I’ve accumulated so much junk that this ordeal is horrifying. Found so many magazine scraps that I was supposed to use for “journaling,” but that never materialized, so now I just have folders and folders (physical ones) of tear sheets. This is why I should never purchase another magazine.

In my perfect, perfect world, documents will just magically scan themselves onto my computer, they will magically be shredded in the shredder, all my old books will just magically donate/sell themselves, and everything I don’t need will just magically disappear.

On that note, is anyone interested in purchasing a ton of DBSK items off me? I’m talking good stuff, like an out-of-print Rising Sun repackage, out-of-print 2007 pocket calendar with postcards, out-of-print All About DBSK Season 1 (Korean version! with subs!), SHINE photobook, out-of-print Prince in Prague photobook. Oh, and a lot of CDs. Holler if you do! Leave a comment or send an email over: amy [at]


Awesome times, part 7

Hangzhou, China.

When I was on my way to Hangzhou, for miles and miles and miles, the train passed by hundreds of these amazing houses, built on very vast stretches of land that are for the most part, unoccupied. The houses were the only things for miles around, save for farmland, which is what I’m sure these houses were built for: to house the people that farmed these territories.

These houses had the most amazing features, and were so pretty and dainty that it was surreal to look at. There were little tower caps on the bigger houses, smaller houses were polka dot pink on the outside, had aqua-green doors. It was the very image of the 1950s ideal American nuclear home: picket white fence houses housing families that one had father, one mother, 2.3 children. It was crazy! These houses looked unlike anything I’ve ever seen in China, and seemed to exist in their own microcosms, simulating desires of an imagined reality.

This peacock is insane. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a peacock in person and I was literally agape at how stunning it was.

Airport Fashion #1

I sort of hate this new trend of airport fashion in Kpop, because it definitely did not exist on this sort of level up until maybe…2008. The scene has always pretty much been dominated by DBSK, because back then, they really were the only group that traveled substantially in and out of Korea. Everyone else…not so much.

Then you get a bajillion groups debuting left and right in Japan, visiting their Thai fans like they’re all relatives of Nichkhun, overseas this and that. I mean, it’s fun to see what people wear on their “off” days, but it’s sort of now become such a trend to be on top of your airport fashion game that it feels more like a show and less like a reality of what these stars actually wear, you know? But nonetheless, it’s still fun to see what people own and wear outside of their stage outfits.

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Outfits that I like #1

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony

Beyond the Valley FW 2011

Zara March 2011

Awesome times, part 6

Guangzhou, China.

I love this kid. He’s looks so freaking complacent.