This is the best they’ve looked since they self-combusted all over their near-decade long careers. I’m not just saying this because these guys are Guys I Like, but they are styled in The Way I Like Boys to Be Styled, so this is pure bliss. I like some of these shots so much that I’m thinking of getting them printed to hang up somewhere. My love for patterned socks under cropped trousers knows no bounds, apparently.

  • http://other-worldly.org Justine

    Love love love how this is styled. I’m not a big fan of JYJ but I do know the greatness of their existence and there is no denying that this looks good. There’s always something about hot preppy cute boys that are style perfectly.. damn!

  • Alixana

    Yep, yep, love this photo-shoot. Loving the hair, the dorky glasses, the socks, just everything.

  • http://tailorstitch.blogspot.com tailorstitch

    I have to agree with you on the styling, I love it! I wish they dressed like this all the time, I would probably take more interesting lol

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