Current K-pop #3: Before U Go

Ladies and gentlemen, this music video serves as a warning: this is what Kdrama life will be like if you let SM helm a project.

It will star the entire list of SM’s limited roster of actors and “actors,” 98% of whom are bad (1% of the good including Kim Min-jong. LOVE!). Yunho will be there, Go Ara will be there, Changmin will be there, Lee Yeon-hee will be there, and throw in Siwon for good measure.

Everything will look amazing, but nothing will make sense. There will be wide shots in monotone blue, close-ups of Changmin’s tearful face. There will be unnecessary camaraderie shots of everybody hanging out and making inside jokes.

There is a 100% chance that Yunho be captured with the matrix cam, flying backwards and shooting at an enemy, at the slightest provocation. He will be doing fly kicks and spin squats — even if the enemy just wanted to slap him in the face and tickle him before running away.

The conflict will be a massive betrayal of brotherhood and will resolve itself when our alpha males decide to make nice with the enemy and forgive and forget. It will be a self-congratulatory pat on the back on being The Bigger Person (and The Bigger Company With Tons of Money Who Will SQUASH You Little Weaklings).

Is this what you want? Is it?!

  • goodtimes822

    I can’t tell whether or not you enjoyed the MV. LOL.

    I was just amused with it all. XD

    • Amy

      I really like the song but the video was ridiculous.

  • mintyboy

    And a slight hint of plagiarism there with that 2nd post (awfully similar to Infernal Affair rooftop scene).

  • elena

    YES THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!! I wanted a storyline with a lot of Go Ara time. The latter was a little iffy but I LOVED THE MV. CHANGMIN’S TEARFUL FACE AND QUESTIONABLE FASHION CHOICES WAS JUST A PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. Also, you changed your layout! I like it. :D

  • hazelbeans

    I get “In your face, JYJ!” vibes from HoMin’s comeback. SM unnecessarily spent some big bucks on impressive things that don’t go well together.

    I thought the dance version of the MV would be better. Well, I like the lighting and monochromatic outfits, but those closeups and that excessive crotch massaging… I can’t keep a straight face watching the video.

  • tofumon

    Hey, at least the song is really good! This MV a highly concentrated form of a K-Drama. I had to roll my eyes. I can’t get over how their performance is almost as melodramatic, but I’m allured by the two’s almost perfect singing and dancing nonetheless.

  • S

    LMAO!…i didnt get the video at all!…but do you know SM IS actually going to be helming a project…the Hana Kimi remake!

  • Alixana

    I lol-ed at your comment. Damn, but dance version is about 100 times worse. I literally face-plamed when I saw it. So embarrassing. >.<

  • C.

    Haha so true.
    Oh SME. They didn’t even bother having the storyline match the lyrics.
    But still, the song is great. Too bad they have to layer in a ton of other voices to make up for the lack of JYJ.