Awesome times, part 7

Hangzhou, China.

When I was on my way to Hangzhou, for miles and miles and miles, the train passed by hundreds of these amazing houses, built on very vast stretches of land that are for the most part, unoccupied. The houses were the only things for miles around, save for farmland, which is what I’m sure these houses were built for: to house the people that farmed these territories.

These houses had the most amazing features, and were so pretty and dainty that it was surreal to look at. There were little tower caps on the bigger houses, smaller houses were polka dot pink on the outside, had aqua-green doors. It was the very image of the 1950s ideal American nuclear home: picket white fence houses housing families that one had father, one mother, 2.3 children. It was crazy! These houses looked unlike anything I’ve ever seen in China, and seemed to exist in their own microcosms, simulating desires of an imagined reality.

This peacock is insane. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a peacock in person and I was literally agape at how stunning it was.