Awesome times: Muji

If there’s one thing I genuinely miss about being back stateside is the lack of Muji. As a New Yorker, I’m happy to be privy to the only three Muji stores in the United States, but man, Muji in Asia is at a whole other level.

My mind was literally blown when I went to Muji in China. I went to ones in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong. They all had a variety of stock, and the stores in mainland China were not super big, but they stocked more stuff than the ones in New York. The stores on the mainland were generally the same in terms of stationery, but the two main points of departure for Asian Mujis are food and cosmetics.

There’s a modest stock of snacks and eats at the mainland stores, and there’s a modest range of skincare/cosmetics, but once I went to Hong Kong, it was over. The Muji stores in HK are gigantic and filled with every Asian snack/commodity you will ever need. They sold soup bases, hot pot mixes (!!), bottled milk tea, tiny donuts, EVERYTHING. They had everything. And I miss it all.

  • j

    omg. now i really really want to visit hong kong. i live in sydney and the only thing that’s as close to a muji store is kinokuniya on george st.

  • esther

    I LOVE muji :) the hong kong stores definitely win hands down when it comes to the variety they have. When I was in Hong Kong I could spend ages in a Muji store and just dream that I had enough money to buy everything I wanted.

  • Donna

    Wow. Wish we had a big Muji like Hong Kong. We can definitely use more variety of stationary and food/snack. I would love to get my hands on those hot pot mixes too. The ones we have in NYC sucks. There was only 1 I try that was good but don’t even see it around anymore.

  • Bette

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