Airport Fashion #1

I sort of hate this new trend of airport fashion in Kpop, because it definitely did not exist on this sort of level up until maybe…2008. The scene has always pretty much been dominated by DBSK, because back then, they really were the only group that traveled substantially in and out of Korea. Everyone else…not so much.

Then you get a bajillion groups debuting left and right in Japan, visiting their Thai fans like they’re all relatives of Nichkhun, overseas this and that. I mean, it’s fun to see what people wear on their “off” days, but it’s sort of now become such a trend to be on top of your airport fashion game that it feels more like a show and less like a reality of what these stars actually wear, you know? But nonetheless, it’s still fun to see what people own and wear outside of their stage outfits.

I used to be a big fan of Sooyoung and Tiffany’s sense of fashion, but I think my new favorites are Jessica and Hyoyeon. They’re less flashy with their brand name things and I actually think they’re really good at mixing and matching things. And isn’t Hyoyeon the supposed “fashion terrorist” of their group? I used to think Tiffany had great style, but I realize she doesn’t really have a great sense of style per se, she just has a great sense for trendy bags, lol.

And Sohee is always bomb, but somehow I find it really weird when 18 year old girls carry $2K bags.

  • tailorstitch

    ‘visiting their Thai fans like they’re all relatives of Nichkhun”lmao!

    I was going to mention Sohee before I saw your comment, I love the way she dresses. In general I like the way some of the wonder girls dress, It makes a change from their shitty stage outfits.

  • Elle

    I think airport fashion is just a name for more-wearable-everyday fashion. WG’s airport fashion is too much for me but I have to admit I pretty much wear everything I see in the last 3 pics. And doth I see Sohyun in PJs in the 2nd to last picture? Cuz that is SPOT ON in terms of realistic airport fashion for me xD ahah

  • esther

    Although I think it’s sometimes ridiculous for celebrities to dress up for the airport just because they’re celebrities, I have to admit that I like looking at what they wear. Sohee has the wickedest style out of all the groups – it’s edgy but feminine and so HER. The 2K bags don’t really faze me, it’s almost a given in kpop fashion to have an expensive bag.

  • eff

    I really wish WG’s fans were more active because I’d love to see fanpics of them in their casual wear or at the airport. Love Sohee’s style. Sometimes Yoobin. And 4minute’s Gayoon and Hyuna’s too!

  • C.

    Honestly, it just looks obnoxious when people dress-up in heels and expensive bags when travelling. Celebs should re-coordinate what they wear while working and what they wear on “casual” days because they pile on more accessories at the airport than they do on variety shows.

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