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Awesome times, part 9

Rounding up the last of my trip photos are these shots from Hong Kong, China.

Current K-pop #3: Before U Go

Ladies and gentlemen, this music video serves as a warning: this is what Kdrama life will be like if you let SM helm a project.

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On comeback eve

Until SM gives them something solid to work with musically, I’ve given up on f(x). But they are incredibly photogenic, no? Say what you will about Amber — and I know you will — but she knows how to work the camera. And that hair.

Awesome times, part 8

Hangzhou, China.

Athena is over and I am sad

Definitely the best drama of ’11 so far, and my favorite as well. I’m really pleasantly surprise at how well-shot, well-edited and completely suspenseful this whole thing was. Write-up coming soon.

I’m going to miss this cast :(