Dream High

This was one of the loveliest harmonizations I’ve ever heard. I actually teared a little. I love you, Kim Soo-hyun! I love you IU! You guys should be duet buddies for life.

I find the Dream High story kind of silly, but there are tons of little gems nestled in everywhere that I can’t completely ignore it. (Like Wooyoung’s reactions during the whole thing. LOVE.)

Actually, Wooyoung is just generally all around really great:

  • http://astromantic.org f

    … please don’t tell me this is like the Korean Glee. RYAN MURPHY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!?

    I love Wooyoung!

  • http://skyscope.tumblr.com jen

    Soo-hyun looks like a baby Siwon ._.

  • http://bechedor79.deviantart.com/ bechedor79

    Oh man, so agree. Kim Soo Hyun <3 IU <3 Wooyoung's reactions <3

  • Poupée de cire

    kept replaying that part! love this guy KSH!