Current state of drama affairs #7: Kim Soo-hyun

Haay baaaaby.

So I’m going to take back everything I said about “Dream High” because despite its cheesiness, it is also overwhelmingly good and that makes me happy mostly because I’m so psyched for Kim Soo-hyun and the rest of his career.

I first watched Kim Soo-hyun in “Will It Snow for Christmas” and said then that I would totally watch a high school version of WISFC, and Dream High is sort of like that, except with none of the wailing and more of the dancing. He basically got me hook, line and sinker then with those two measly episodes and I knew that I would watch anything he did because he’s just one of those actors that compel you to watch him more and more and more and more.

That and he can do a sick (albeit lame) wave, no?

The way I see it, he’s less of an actor and more of an artist. I mean, regular actors can act and they can entertain me, but Kim Soo-hyun is capable of more than that. I don’t want to make him sound like the second coming of Jesus, but I feel he’s one of those performers who can really bring you to another world when they act. He’s like a male Moon Geun-young. When they act, you want to know moremoremore of their characters, of their stories. It’s like you’re witnessing something happening in real life and when they stop, you know you won’t be satiated. And that’s what makes an actor compelling.

Plus, there’s the thing where he’s a really good singer and OMG how did that happen and you’re just aghast and amazed at the world and OMG how is he so much better than Taecyeon and on and on and on until you’re astounded that the world can pop out someone like Kim Soo-hyun.

  • S

    “male version of MGY” = exactly how I feel about him as well….the reason why this show doesnt work for me outside of him, Jason-Pil Suk cuteness and Uhm Ki Joon-Lee yeon Ji cuteness is that he is soooooo good here that everything else simply pales in comparison..I can usually stand mediocre acting but when you put these actors opposite someone really good like him, it makes me frustrated that everyone else are not delivering just as well as him and the thought of how much more this show could be if they were just as awsome, saddens me…..that is not to say that I wont watch it….. simply because he makes it awesome…and I am also really excited for the rest of his career…I hope he picks well in the future as well cuz I think right decisions are also important for making a good actor

  • hapacalgirl

    “Male version of Moon Geun Young”- thats exactly what I think anytime I want to describe his ability on screen. There is something about these two and their talent, its not the kind of ability that can be taught, its something ingrained in the both of them and is completely natural. Basically both Kim Soo Hyun and Moon Geun Young were born to be actors and I am so glad that this was the professions they chose, because more and more good acting is becoming a rarity in popular kdramas. Plus I swear these two can have chemistry with rocks, they are just that good.