Céline Spring 2011

I’ve seen this Celine luggage tote around so much lately that I’m becoming quite enamored with it. It looks like a really heavy bag though, which goes against my preference for function before form. From an aesthetics point of view, I hate the feel of this campaign, since I think intentionally going for the washed-out, grainy textured look of the photos really displeases me.

  • http://greenmilktea.wordpress.com Donna

    I agree. I hate the grainy texture look of this campaign and the tote is really unappealing.

  • oreoreo

    I fell hard for the tan+black version.. but the closest I’ll get to it is via photos on Jak&Jil
    on the other hand, the campaign is meaningless and pretentious – just to cover my ass, no, ad campaigns are generally not the most deep and meaningful things to be created but the pictures make me feel.. hollow. and that effing skateboard makes me sad :'(

  • http://tailorstitch.blogspot.com tailorstitch

    This bag is everywhere, though I do love it. For me it would be perfect if it had a shoulder strap cos of all the crap I carry in my bag.
    I’m with you on the pic quality

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