Awesome times, part 5

Suzhou, China.


This is one of the most handsome animals I’ve ever seen. This duck has got literally every beautiful color in the world on his body. It was so lively and happy and amazing to watch.

The Suzhou Art Museum’s got some great architecture going on. It looks really European, though, doesn’t it?

  • Rio

    Hi Amy, I’ve just stumbled unto your blog and it’s fantastic! Btw, I was happy to see you blog about the Suzhou museum. I was watching a doco about it a few weeks ago and I. M. Pei designed it. (Same architect that designed the pyramid thingy in Louvre). Love your travel pics as much as you dissecting k-drama episodes. Hope you keep up the awesome entries. ☺

  • theleenbean

    love the pics – thanks for sharing!

  • oreoreo

    so beautiful.. i thought that duck was a wooden painted one until i read your description! and i know nothing about architecture but in your first picture of the art museum it looks 2D – i’m guessing that’s on purpose..? amazing