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Current state of drama affairs #7: Kim Soo-hyun

Haay baaaaby.

So I’m going to take back everything I said about “Dream High” because despite its cheesiness, it is also overwhelmingly good and that makes me happy mostly because I’m so psyched for Kim Soo-hyun and the rest of his career.

I first watched Kim Soo-hyun in “Will It Snow for Christmas” and said then that I would totally watch a high school version of WISFC, and Dream High is sort of like that, except with none of the wailing and more of the dancing. He basically got me hook, line and sinker then with those two measly episodes and I knew that I would watch anything he did because he’s just one of those actors that compel you to watch him more and more and more and more.

That and he can do a sick (albeit lame) wave, no?

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Awesome times, part 5

Suzhou, China.


This is one of the most handsome animals I’ve ever seen. This duck has got literally every beautiful color in the world on his body. It was so lively and happy and amazing to watch.

The Suzhou Art Museum’s got some great architecture going on. It looks really European, though, doesn’t it?

This is quite excellent

Okay, so these covers are all really boring and GQ could’ve done so much more given the fact that they’re GQ, the fact that they have a big budget, given that they’ve already got four of the hottest actors in Korea, but I digress. Hopefully the spreads that came out of these shoots are fantab.

Also, I’ve now seen all four actors in movies/dramas/whatever, and I gotta say, Song Seung-heon really blows. I guess he’s got Autumn Story under his belt and is given a free ride but if I had it my way, I would totally kick him out and replace him with someone else.

Actually, if I had it my way, the four covers would feature Lee Byung-heon, Won Bin, Hyun Bin and Jung Woo-sung.

Awesome times, part 4

Shanghai, China.

The Shanghai Art Museum gets an A+ for being thoughtfully curated.

In one of the most expensive bathrooms I’ve ever been in. Each stall was like an entire bathroom in itself.

Music Bank 2/18

I only really post about two performances. First, Gahee’s “Please Comeback”:

Dudes, this song sucks. I’ve been so anticipatory of her solo work that I forgot that she comes from Pledis, a company that produces and helms for its artists very mediocre and stale music. Their continued love affair with the Brave Brothers absolutely baffles me and everything else they makes me feel like they don’t know pop very well. At the very least, when I listen to stuff from Son Dambi and After School, I feel like they’re grasping at something, but fail in the overall execution of their songs.

And that’s sort of what happened with “Please Comeback.” The whole thing feels like a five second verse put on loop 60 times until it finally ends. This is one of the most uncompelling songs ever, and that’s a damn shame because it affects the performances and choreography and that’s where Gahee excels. The repeated techno-laced pauses in the song have created some awkward choreography (is she DJ-ing? spinning a plate? smoothing out a wrinkle? playing with herself??) and it’s so dramatic and decidedly un-fun.

Gahee’s best when she’s having fun with her music. Cases in point: Diva on Strong Heart, Lip Gloss & Wall to Wall on Dance Battle. I’ve watched those clips so many times I’ve almost got them memorized, that’s how good Gahee is. And she is still good now, but…she’s not as fiery as she could be if she were given better music. I thought her dancing during “Because of You” was soooo boring but her stuff during “Bang” was phenom. Gahee’s a damn good dancer and performer, but you have to give her the right stuff. Thankfully, she usually chooses the good stuff/is given good stuff, but “Please Comeback” is shitty. Now let’s promote “Rollercoaster”!

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