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Mary Stayed Out All Night, episodes 1 to 4

Apologies for the inactivity. Life is very all-consuming right now.

I feel like most people who I’ve talked to, when they’re busy and they watch a drama, it’s easier to enjoy it because watching a drama is obviously a source of entertainment and it’s serves as a way to escape temporarily. But I feel like for me, when I’m busy and cranky and exhausted and I have some downtime to relax in front of the computer and I watch a drama, it’s even easier for me to dislike one because I don’t try to make excuses for it, nor do I try too much to reason out why a drama is this way.

Maybe I’m just cranky because this is not turning out the way I want it to, but “Mary” is not working out for me. I am not enjoying any part of this, despite Kim Jae-wook’s overwhelming hotness.

I feel like this is the kind of drama “norm” for Jang Geun-seok — light and funny romantic comedies — but completely a step back for Moon Geun-young and Kim Jae-wook. It’s good that they get to show they have a range in their acting, but their characters are driving me up the wall, and neither one of them so far has allowed the actors to give a more nuanced and subtle performance, which is my biggest problem.

(And just as an aside, I’m not doing caps for this series. Recaps are not my thing, I’ve learned. As someone on my Formspring so nicely coined it for me, I do opinioncaps. And I will probably do opinioncaps til the end of time, so no turn-by-turn episode recaps from me!)

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Music style

Pretty cute:

(moxy creative house)

Why don’t you let it go, let it go

The songs were so much better live than they were in the studio versions. The choreography was tight and has much more of the hip hop flavor that I don’t think they’ve ever really gotten under SM.

And watching Junsu live was an incredible experience in itself. I can definitely go on record to say after watching Junsu perform, if I never see another pop star live again, that’ll be fine by me.


(eminem – run rabbit run)

i’ll be back baby, i just gotta beat this clock
fuck this clock, i’mma make him eat this watch
don’t believe me watch, i’m gonna win this race
i’m gonna come back and rub my shit in his face

(eminem – love the way you lie (featuring rihanna))

next time you show restraint
you don’t get another chance
life ain’t no nintendo game
but you lied again
now you get to watch out the window
guess that’s why they call it window pane

(“love the way you lie” is a really tricky song but complicated matters aside, em’s rap is really great.)