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When I’m 50 years old, I hope I’m not still blogging, but if I am, I hope I’ve migrated from this blog, because then I can look back fondly at this one and see that it was basically a Song Joong-ki/Yoo Ah-in/Kim Jae-wook shrine and revisit it from time to time when I feel down. Sometimes I get a little embarrassed that “Song Joong-ki” is the most searched term that got others to this blog.

I think at the moment, Yoo Ah-in is inching out just. a little. bit. more in my personal Kpop ranks-that-don’t-even-matter. But don’t tell Song Joong-ki when you see him.

And then I’m afraid if you stack “Mary” on me, before long, Mr. Kim enjoy his spotlight on this blog.

Every time I see a new KJW photoshoot I just cry a little on the outside because of 1) how good a model he is, 2) how fucking hot he is. There’s just something about him that’s really raw and intense. I totally dig.

  • theleenbean

    haha, i first came to your website for the kpop stuff, if that makes you feel better ;) and didn’t kjw start out as a model before he branched out into acting? i remember people mostly talking about his pretty face whenever he was in coffee prince, but it’s cool that he’s turned out to have actual acting chops as well, like in bad guy (which i actually haven’t seen, and have no desire to, ha, but he’s supposed to be good in it!)

  • shelly

    oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum.

  • esther

    I come here for your kpop stuff too :). And your fashion bits. Song Joong Ki, unfortunately, has never really entered my radar of things to take notice of (please don’t kill me) so it’s safe to say that I don’t come here for him.

    As for Yoo Ah In….that’s a completely different story.

  • C

    I came here while looking for stuff on Yoo Ah-In (after SKKS he’s all I can think about) and then I saw that first shot of your phone with Song Joong Ki on it and I was like, damn. Spazzing all over again.

    I looked through the rest of your posts, and it’s a bit strange how your site seems like an amalgamation of posts of virtually everything on the net that I stalk. Fashion, make up, random design things, photography, cute Korean boys…

    Anyway, er. This comment was just to say “hi”. And that I love the background pattern on your layout. (And your blue Balenciaga.)

  • feyhan

    Hey from which shoot is yoo ah in picture.. do you have it???