Heart palpitations, guys

I don’t know about Jino yet, but I am so so so so so so so excited about Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, and Jay singing songs together that my mind might explode. I think this group is going to work really well because there are at least two deep voices (Kyu & Jay’s) and one higher one (Jonghyun) and just…OMG! I’m a little afraid that this is just gonna be a battle of who-can-hold-higher-notes-for-longer (which you can already kinda hear on the track) but who cares!

And this song sounds a little like the groovy “Sorry Sorry (R&B version)” that I so liked. If we get more of the R&B and less of the typical Korean ballad, I am all. on. board.

(This is missing some Junsu though. Damn him for wanting more rights and crap ;))

  • http://iwishihadtaste.blogspot.com iwishihadtaste

    “I’m a little afraid that this is just gonna be a battle of who-can-hold-higher-notes-for-longer…”

    Is that an euphemism for “Jonghyun is such a showboater”? I bet it is.

    In other news, Kyuhyun remains flawless.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      no, it’s not lol. i like jonghyun’s voice a lot and don’t think he hogs songs as much as everyone says he does. he’s given those parts because he’s proven himself to be the most dependable singer in the group.

  • b

    oh man i really like this!!

    it definitely reminds me of the sexy version of Sorry, Sorry which i absolutely love.
    and of course knowing Jonghyun’s cocky ass, he’s gonna try and kill everyone else on the high notes all over the place (i hope not too much though because at times his voice makes me cringe when its too high for too long, lol)
    But both Jonghyun and Kyuhyun are beasts in this genre of music, so i’m excited.

    i had really wished for some onew too, but maybe his voice is too mellow and breezy for what they were looking for…

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      i seriously don’t understand all this jonghyun-is-cocky talk haha. i’ve never thought that about him and his singing. but i do agree that when his voice gets too high i don’t like listening to it. (a problem i also have with junsu, jaejoong, ryeowook, heh.)

      • b

        i wasn’t saying that jonghyun isn’t deserving of the parts he gets: i think he gives off the air that he has the talent and then he definitely proves himself…i have nothing against jonghyun i hope thats not how i came across, lol!! people were starting to take out the butter knives on me, LOL!!
        heck he’s my favorite out of the 4!! like another person commented below, maybe i should have used the term confident instead of cocky. who doesn’t love jjong’s swag, haha!!

  • http://misslame.com esther

    I am so super excited as well! Finally, a group (albeit a mash of others) with talent and dependable consistency. Can’t say much about JINO though, haven’t heard his voice.

    Also, I don’t understand why people think JH shows off either. He clearly has the voice and power to make any song amazing, which SM knows, so they give him the most parts. I wish they gave Onew more parts too :) His voice is like….the stuff of dreams.

  • yonheet

    this is totally missing some junsu action!!


  • thekors

    nice. teaser. and i share your take on JongHyun. i think ppl mistaken confident with being cocky and i think he’s proved himself over and over again that he deserves to hog the whole song even if he wants to. i mean, sing when you have to, right? i bet when he’s with SHINee, they also have producers dictating how much he gets to sing so as not to overshadow the rest.

  • lydia

    Now that I’ve noticed how many are pointing out that Jonghyun’s voice tends to be overpowering… well, I just wanted to say that I think part of why Jonghyun’s voice is so dominant in (SHINee’s) songs is because, well, he is one of the main singers to begin with + his voice is in the high and shrill tendency just like Ryeowook’s and Jaejoong’s – that’s also why Ryeowook’s singing can sometimes overpower Kyuhyun’s and Yesung’s.

    * With reference to the first point, I don’t mean to write that to criticize people’s opinion of Jonghyn being “cocky” or “unnecessarily overpowering” when he’s performing, so hope anyone who reads this don’t think that way :/ – like ‘thekors’ mentioned – I think people mistaken his confidence with being cocky.

    * Why are there only 5 songs in SM The Ballad’s album? Why? Hmm.

    * I’ve got a feeling that there will be a Kyuhyun and Jino duet.

    * Hopefully through this group, I get to know Jay more + find another voice to appreciate in Jino – highly doubt that SM will disappoint me with Jino, after all, SM has this magic happening where he somehow manages to raise the best voices in K-pop.

    * Kyuhyun. Would’ve bought SM The Ballad’s album just for him. It’s gone up to the point where I don’t expect myself to be amazed by Kyuhyun’s voice anymore, cause I firmly believe that he’s gonna make the hairs on my arms stand up with every new song that I hear him sing and just be in awe of how friggin incredible Kyuhyun’s singing is. Yeah… that was totally necessary..

    Also, want to add in the fact that I am really really loving the trend of “ballad” in the teasers that have been released so far. I was expecting something along KRY or 2AM’s style. I liked a few of KRY songs, but most of them become unforgettable and… mehs/blahs after a many listens. Except for Sorry Sorry-Answer (we all know that’s a KRY song but SM wanted to market it as SuJu’s song sigh.)

  • jeanette

    sad that yesung isnt in it

  • jeanette

    anyone knows who in sm ballad sang which parts for sorry sorry answer?