Good bye and annyong

Bye Joong-ki!

Helloooo Hot Times.

  • Mai

    I seriously cannot wait to see them performing live on Inkigayo. I’m so excited!! I’ve seen the fancams of Hot Times from Music Core and wow their vocals are so killer. I’m slightly worried for Jonghyun’s voice though. He has to sing a lot of high notes for his adlibs. However, I think he did a pretty good job considering the fact that he’s the only one who can handle all those high parts. I absolutely love his voice. Kyuhyun’s singing was flawless and so were Jay’s and Jino’s. I really want the full album now.

  • kanna


    Just wondering what are all those icons up n your menu bar? The elephant and feather duster in particular?

  • j

    oh what’s that tiny cloud icon on your desktop? It looks so cute.