Doing my duty

To share beautiful pictures of beautiful people.

  • mintyboy

    YOO AH-IN, the boy is hot>.< I am in love with his eyes and their mismatched shapes! The left is so alert and wide-eyed but the right is downright lazy and inattentive but makes him so much hotter. And his hair…swoon…should be the norm for all boys! So versatile yet still so simple. The funny thing is that I can't see him in these pictures as the same person who was GulOh in SKKS at all. Stanning him like no other, and I want moarrr.
    Oh hai there Joongki, you one good-lookin' boy, too!

  • S

    song Joong Ki!!!….*fangirl shreik*

  • Anna Nguyen

    Is it fair that Joong Ki probably doesn’t even need to try to look that good? Is it me or does is Yoo Ah-In always styled in the gruff mountain boy type of shoots? For once I want to see this boy cleaned up and suited up! (not that i don’t like his rugged looks!)

  • iwishihadtaste

    This post needs more Kyuhyun. Just stating the obvious.

  • lydia

    mte, haha. But imo, Kyuhyun isn’t as photogenic as Song Joong Ki or Yoo Ah-In – but yeah, would never complain if there’s more of Kyuhyun round here :D

    Also, I think I stared at that first picture of Yoo Ah-In for wayyyy to long haha.