Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook 10/16

One Shot and I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Younha’s voice is phenom. I tend to prefer voices that are on the deeper end of the spectrum, and her voice is that and it just sounds really full. I hate thin voices.

I think she looks horrible image-wise for this new single, but the song is pretty good. Not my favorite, but I always love listening to her voice. She, Ye-eun, and IU are tops in my books for fave female voices in Kpop.

Ain’t No Sunshine and Hurricane Venus

BoA hits the most beyoooootiful note in “Ain’t No Sunshine” (starting at 1:43) and this is probably one of my favorite performances of hers. The song requires a more guttural sound and I think BoA’s voice is best when she has to throw her voice deeper, than when she has to do falsetto.

I’m actually kinda sad that her Korean promotion is going to be over already. Only three months after five years seems a little harsh for Korean fans. And “Hurricane Venus” has really grown on me, because I love listening to her sing in this song. Everything’s so smooth and it’s just unbelievable how much of a pro she is, despite this comeback being, as a whole, pretty underwhelming.

Bye, Queen :(

  • http://www.twitter.com/tofumon tofu

    ohhh i agree with what you said about not liking “thin voices.” This particularly applies to female voices. Its one of the reasons why I like male voices more…it’s fuller and thicker.

    However I actually really like the blonde except for the fact that her hair in general doesn’t look real.

  • http://misslame.com esther

    Definitely with you on deeper and richer voices for kpop females. I seriously don’t get why people go on about Jessica and Taeyeon all the time. To me, they sound like thin crispy wafers which could snap any second. And despite IU’s voice being higher and girlier than Younha, I love listening to her when I want to relax. Her recent duet with Sung Shi Kyung is currently on repeat :)

    Also with you on Boa’s short and underwhelming comeback. In fact, most of the comebacks from the seniors have been pretty mediocre this year. It’s a pity. I was expecting so much more from them.

    • pengork

      ia with the kpop seniors’ comebacks being insanely disappointing. i wasn’t in fandom for most of their kpop heydays, so idk if i was just expecting too much or what, but :c

      lol, um, have you heard anyone say anything positive about jessica’s voice in the past year or two? her voice is always getting criticised. she has imo a very limited range where she can sound very good, but most of the time her tone is bad. taeyeon’s vocal quality suffered a major blow during her two years of radio, she’s been excellent in a bunch of radio covers especially. her voice has a plain tone, but her skill is that she can do so much with it to cover up for it’s plainness.

  • pengork

    i think younha’s hair is glorious, and the bad girl lipstick, if it were redder, i’d approve of, but her complexion looks really off during her perfs here. i hope she /feels/ hot, i felt so sad for her during her comeback before last, the 1 2 3 copycat, when korean netizens jumped on her for her album cover and accused her of airbrushing up her picture and she was like, i just wanted to look pretty. :c i’m not a huge fan of this song either, but she is brilliant and woefully underrated. i love love love her special stages with other artists, the epik high one was awesome, her rapping in love love love was so cute.

    BOA UNNIE~~~ there were too many lyric mess-ups for me to count that perf as a fave, but her voice is excellent. she is such an absolute joy to watch, her face is radiant with this healthy, happy glow :3 i love her, i could loop that giggling at the beginning of the hurricane venus vid forever.

  • goodtimes822

    I don’t think you intended to make a comparison between Younha and Boa, but seeing their performances one right after made me realize how much of a stage presence Boa has. Her title as Queen of Kpop is no joke. Albeit she has more experience over Younha, but, like you said, her underwhelming comeback was quite a let down. :/

    She makes Hurricane Venus look soo easy to perform~

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      That’s interesting you say that, because I think for these particular performances I thought Younha has more stage presence than BoA. I feel like it’s a given that someone like BoA should have stage presence, but I found her in general to be pretty lifeless for this comeback. When she performs the hard stuff, I feel like she projects this image that she can obviously do these things with a ton of ease, and she can do them in her sleep, but it’s not like she’s really INTO. IT., y’know? I mean I could be the only person feeling that, but that’s what I’ve observed :P

  • mintyboy

    OMG, yes to everything above Boa’s picture!! I think that’s another reason I cannot get into SNSD as my ears will bleed if I listen to them at the same volume as I listen to my songs regularly. That high a pitch + loudness will definitely deal massive damage to the old eardrums. I feel that Younha is always under-promoted with lame images since forever (except maybe during the passwords days since she collab quite often with epik high, whom I loveeee). This “new” image isn’t bad, perse…., I just wish they would cut her hair and make it seriously edgy, but to korean girls hair = life so I understand.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      I like Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun’s voices. TY and SH’s voices are a little higher, but I think they’re a little fuller than, say, Jessica’s voice. Jessica is a good singer but I can’t stand her voice. It’s so thin, and that overwhelms all else for me.

  • inquinn

    the only singer with ‘thin’ voice that i absolutely LOVE is Park Jung Hyun aka Lena Park.