Somebody hold me before I faint


These are fucking glorious.

This is not just me saying this, but Yoo Ah-in has a beyoooootiful smile. He also flashes it so rarely that when he does I’m pretty much wiped out.

  • MaPranG89

    He look totally different from SKKS’ imaged but still CUTE….ADORABL…..HOT HOT HOT !!!!!!!

  • mintyboy

    much better than the previous shoots :). on that note, ctrl +A and…!

  • yay

    this boy. seriously. one half of my current drama duo obsession.

    you should know that your blog has been my haven for some quality spazzing on certain two very talented males that you already love and adore too. *ahem*

  • h1llaro


    and I love your blog btw, been reading it since Bad Guy (the hot mess that it was..)

  • aj

    Amen sista. I feel like I’m about to go into cardiac arrest or some other potentially fatal mode of being whenever he smiles… or smolders. Since the smoldering is happening so often in SKKS (yesyes, even the emo smoldering) I die a little death whenever he’s onscreen. This show has turned me into a masochist…

    And does anyone else agree that Yoo Ah-in reminds them a bit of Johnny Depp? It’s the whole character-actor-chameleon-charismatic-gorgeous-and-talented-enough-to-be-a-leading-man thing for me. Seriously, if Yoo Ah-in does not get an awesome lead role after this, I’ll be pissed. And write my own damned script for him.

    Oops. There I go fantasizing again…

  • Ktay

    Omgomg. Your blog is like, bookmarked n MY FAV PAGE LIKE,EVER. My fan-girl-hunger for joong ki n ah in is like.. Fed to the brim. Good job! Dun ever stop!

  • Kimber

    You’re killing’ me over here!