Running Man 10/17

Man, something about this show is just getting a liiiittle worse as it goes along. Not even sure what it is, because it’s not like they’re running out of games to play, or running out of places to visit.

I randomly watched today’s episode after haven’t watched RM in about a month, and it was a good ep. Lots of hilariousness and best of all, Joong-ki was present. He’s been MIA-ing in and out because of Sungkyunkwan Scandal shooting, but every so often he graces me the cast with his presence and it is all good.

I would pay good money to see Joong-ki & co. walking down the streets in boxers. Yes.

Also, next week’s episode:

I love Ji-hyo but I’m conflicted…wait, nope, not conflicted, brb while I curl into a black hole and drop some salty tears.

  • mintyboy

    JOONGKI!!! man, running man makes me miss lil olde Family Outing sooo much :(
    I think there’s pictures floating somewhere of Joongki in his SKKS tophalf and sexy boxer if your black hole still has internet, lol.

  • Elle

    WHAT!? Junkiii…nooo this better be out of context x_X!!!