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High Cut Magazine #1

Love the photoshoots in High Cut Magazine. There’s something very simplistic and striking about all the portraits they do. Styling is almost always perfect, and I just like how non-fussy they are, and capture all the stars at their best. I hate unflattering photoshoots more than anything, especially with celebrities, because it’s a reflection, in my opinion, of whether a stylist and a photographer have the right chops. Celebrities are not models and there is a certain way they can be made to fit into a concept.

I have a pretty big collection of High Cut mag photos, so I’ll post those every once in a while.

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal, episodes 9 to 14

These couple of episodes have been interesting because it gives me new things to think about. I’m not really clocked into what’s happening in the overarching political storyline, nor am I really invested in the romance between Seon-joon and Yoon-hee, but I think the side characters are shaping up to be more interesting than I thought they’d be.

First is the relationship between Yong-ha and Jae-shin, and then second is the relationship between Cho-sun and Yoon-hee. (The girl who plays Cho-sun was also in Bad Guy as the girl who jumped to her death, which I completely did not even realize until a second ago.)

Lots of gender/sexuality ramble after the jump. Yay!

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Random photos of inspiration #2

(diesel black gold)

(man about town, f/w 2010 issue)

(lego nikes!)

(brooklyn circus varsity cardigan)

(la roux featuring kanye west’s “the kill”)

(liu bolin: the real life invisible man)

(russian dolls)

(ori henrisson s/s 2010)
said to have been inspired by Big Bang & 2ne1’s “Lollipop”

Running Man 10/17

Man, something about this show is just getting a liiiittle worse as it goes along. Not even sure what it is, because it’s not like they’re running out of games to play, or running out of places to visit.

I randomly watched today’s episode after haven’t watched RM in about a month, and it was a good ep. Lots of hilariousness and best of all, Joong-ki was present. He’s been MIA-ing in and out because of Sungkyunkwan Scandal shooting, but every so often he graces me the cast with his presence and it is all good.

I would pay good money to see Joong-ki & co. walking down the streets in boxers. Yes.

Also, next week’s episode:

I love Ji-hyo but I’m conflicted…wait, nope, not conflicted, brb while I curl into a black hole and drop some salty tears.

An uptown outing

Trekked all the way up to the Met a couple of weeks ago. It was a gorgeous day, almost too gorgeous to spend it inside a museum, but the Met is too magnificent to hold a grudge against, so all’s good.

I took some pictures of the pieces I saw, but for some reason I, as a blog reader, never look at pictures of people’s outings to museums, so I’m not going to post them. One, I am not really an art history person, and it’s really weird because I’m a huge fan of contextualizing modern society on a historical trajectory, and don’t like seeing modern history or sociology outside of a historical context or as a separate entity from all the history that accumulates before what’s considered the “modern.”

I’m also really into commercial design and packaging, and these things are obviously built on the foundations of the plethora of art that existed before the modern commercial age and I know there’s a ton to be said about modern art based on the long, long trajectory of human art, but for some reason I’m just really not into paintings, pottery, or other relics. My lack of interest in art history has always been really embarrassing, but I’m just not really sure why I don’t invest a lot of energy in it.

And second, I think you really take the life out of museums and relics if you photograph them. It really is not the same experience and even for someone who lacks interest in museum going and all that good stuff, there is really a stark difference between seeing a piece in person, in multidimensional form as opposed to looking at someone’s personal photographs and textbook images. I’m taking my first art history class in my learning career (!) and I feel nothing when I look at pieces in a textbook, but seeing stuff in person is like, “Whoa. Look at that 3Dness.”