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High Cut Magazine #2

Go Soo

Sometimes, I like behind-the-scenes/making-of’s even more than the finished editorial products themselves. Here are a bunch of BTS videos from High Cut shoots. Whoever makes these videos also makes good song selections. My fave of all time is Go Soo’s. Don’t pretend like you didn’t just jam to that sleazy song.

So Ji-sub

Cast of “You’re Beautiful”


Yoo Ah-in

Lee Joon

Song of the day

Supreme Team – 땡땡땡

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I hate subject titles

I’m grumpy grouchy and annoyed to the max lately. I have really bad habits when I get stressed out and annoyed. I eat like a mutha and I spend like a mutha. This has resulted in gaining some unwanted pounds and several purchases that I am now in the process of reconsidering.

This state of grouchiness and grumpiness has rendered me incredibly unproductive, where all I do after work/class/work/intern/class/intern is eat and conk out in front of the TV. I don’t even know what it is, but despite the workload, I’ve managed to go to bed earlier than ever every night and I’m still so tired every day and it just pisses me off and makes me stress eat even more and stress spend even more, all of which in turn stress me out EVEN MORE. What the fuck!

I don’t like veering off subject and getting too personal on this blog, so have some Kpop stuff hereafter. Oh, and the only bright side to the last couple of weeks is I got published for the first time the other day in a major New York paper. Unfortunately my current state of grumpiness is overwhelming my ability to celebrate.

Without further ado, Running Man 10/24:

He kissed her! He really kissed her! I also realized that Song Joong-ki is incredibly cheesy and uhh…느끼. I know it was part of a game, but this was severely embarrassing for me to watch. As a fan. As a female fan who a d o r e s him.

Haha agrees with me. Observe as he makes the universally recognizable “scratching-nails-down-chalkboard-horrifying” hand gesture.

Also, I freaking LOVE Gwang-soo. He is so funny and awkward and dorky and did I say, SO AWKWARD?? He’s like the Chun-hee of Running Man, except better. He dresses like a hipster fo’ sho’ but he’s so damn tall and funny! He’s only 23! That’s crazy talk. I feel like he’s always feeling less popular and/or funny/charming compared to Song Joong-ki since they’re both the younger of the cast, but I say pshaw. You are awesome, Lee Gwang-soo.

2NE1 TV 10/26:

This is the sickest military coat I’ve ever seen in my life. Screw Balmain, this. is. sick. Granted, you need to attain a certain level of shamelessness to wear this out in public, but I love it. Also, Dara is overwhelmingly pretty. Hate all you want about her lack of skill or whatever the hell, but I am a Dara fan and all y’all haters can set camp elsewhere.

Strong Heart 10/26:

Something something in this episode about Nichkhun’s grandmother thinking he and Victoria are sleeping together, something something, but look at Psy!!

This can be my “I’m feelin’ sauceh!” gif in the future.

/passes out

So much fail in one conversation

Patricia just posted the most hilarious snippet of a three-way Twitter conversation JYJ were having with each other. Snippet:

(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Junsu, you use a mac at home, right~? Do you happen to have the mac os x CD? The grey CD that you get when you first buy your computer~
(Junsu) That CD.. ? I’ll look for it~ Hyung, you must be composing right now~lol I made the finishing touches on all of mine in Shanghai^^ hahaha
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Oh, I see ㅠ I’m writing lyrics right now, but I have so much to say that it’s getting tangled up and complicated ㅠ
(Junsu) Lyrics.. Hmm Have you made the melody..? It looked like a lot of melodies could be created from what you had..

*Yoochun butts in here*
(Yoochun) @mjjeje I have it~Or did I throw it away?? Hm~~
(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Yoochun, I need thatㅠ I’m supposed to do a LOGIC UPDATE but it’s telling me I can’t because I don’t have the OS X version 10.7 ㅠ

(Junsu) Oh shoot, I’m just tweeting to everyone …I’m supposed to click ‘reply’ before writing my tweet.. Dang

(Junsu) Huh, guys, can everyone still see what I tweet even if I click ‘reply’? Then what am I supposed to do? when I want only the person who receives the tweet to see it.. Hm..
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic You can do that by sending a DM~
(Junsu) @mjjeje Jaejoong Hyung, like this? If I do this, can only you see it?
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic I don’t think that’s it, haha

I laughed so hard when I read this. And more:

LMAO. Who does that?! Copy and paste full source links of shit on their computers? And when one is a really, really, really public figure and has THAT MANY FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD???

The sad thing is, I think this fail conversation 1) would’ve been even funnier if they were still speaking to Changmin (don’t gimme that BS about how they all claim to still have the “same” relationship with each other as always) and he threw in some bitching smackdown on Jaejoong/Junsu’s ridiculousness and/or stupidity, 2) would be a lot less upsetting if I didn’t miss OT5 so much.

Lanvin for H&M

So everybody’s going crazy about Lanvin for H&M, and understandably so, because Lanvin is amazing and Alber Elbaz is friggin adorbs.

There are only two preview images for the campaign thus far and it looks nice in editorial, but honestly, the thing I don’t get is, when are people supposed to wear these things? Those super frilly dresses with the outrageous ruffles and flower patterns.

I do like the shoes, though, it looks like something off their SS 2010 show that I linked to above.

And I’m ALL for the blazer and skirts in the below image though:

(all photos from nitrolicious)

I feel the line for this on debut day will be ridiculous and all-consuming. The collection goes on sale in the US and Canada on November 20 (a SATURDAY!! Christ) and nghhhh, decisions. I do want to check everything out, and I really regret not buying anything when Viktor & Rolf collabed with H&M, but this requires planning, lol. And I’m lazy.