This is how you should dress

I rarely go gaga over red carpet fashion, but this is freaking stunning. Christina Hendricks at the premiere of “Devil” in Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2010:

This look just doesn’t even compare if you know how the original outfit was presented:

No competition.

  • Donna

    Interesting design. At first glance, I thought it was flowers but no, it’s women. Interesting.

  • Amanda

    Oh wow, it looks fabulous on Hendricks.

  • Alixana

    This woman is BEAUTIFUL. Oh my God. Oh my God. Who is that lovely creature? Gotta google her

  • J. Xu

    Yeah, you’re sooo right. Although people tend to see “clothing is what makes the men” (can’t totally disagree with it of course), but what I find more striking is…

    Search for the woman in the dress. If there is “no one”, than there is no dress. ;)