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My face is permanently “:D” whenever I watch Song Joong-ki do anything.

I just realized that the sheer number of hours I’ve spent the last week watching Song Joong-ki doing…stuff is overwhelming. Sungkyunkwan Scandal, OB/GYN, Running Man, Music Bank.

The above gif is from this past week’s Music Bank. SJK was weird and uncoordinated during the encore speech, which is adorable. And then he and Seo Hye-rim stayed during 2NE1 encore performance, which is rare for them, but they were promoting Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which is DOUBLY ADORABLE. Watch Song Joong-ki get jiggywitit in a hey-this-is-why-I’m-not-an-idol way:


Sorry updates have been sporadic. I’ve been super busy with everything lately. Some recent-ish snaps:

I took my critters out for a photoshoot.

Bought new shoes but I’m not sure about them yet.


These are the nicest pictures of Taeyang I’ve ever seen :)

This is not related, but here, have a nice breezy song:

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Hey, do you speak duh Engrish?

In a perfect world, this conversation would’ve taken place between the lyricist and anybody in the huge SM corporation that knows even remedial English:

“Oh, so you mean ‘It’s the torn it’s the torn it’s the torn’ means absolutely nothing? So you’re saying that “torn” is not even a noun??? Oh thanks man, this could’ve saved me a lot of embarrassment from the international community. I remember how much flak that ‘bling bling ball’ guy got. Phew!”


I carried only a few things at the start of the night because I knew it’d be a bitch to go around reporting with a really heavy bag, but SOMEHOW I managed to lug around a ten pound rock by the end of the night. This always, always happens without fail. I just am not meant to be a carry-the-essentials type of person.

That’s right. I had three bottles of water stuffed in my bag by night’s end. I had no dinner and was just chugging water and sustaining myself on Dean and Deluca’s Mint Chip Malt Balls (deLISH!) and caramel-coated popcorn.