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(Why must they make all my favorites the second fiddle? Why! Why! WHY? WAE.)

This is the year of the best casting news ever. Moon Geun-young is the fucking icing on the cake. I’m so stoked that I’m *almost* okay with Sungkyunkwan Scandal ending and not seeing my babyfaces so that we can get Mary Stayed Out All Night pronto.

I’m so spoiled now that my mind is starting to wander.

Imagine a drama with Lee Min-ho and Kim Jae-wook.

Or Jang Geun-seok with Lee Min-ho.

Or Song Joong-ki as best-buds turned rivals with Yoo Ah-in?

Oh god, I’m getting feverish just thinking of the possibilities. If those don’t work, can we at least get Song Joong-ki/Yoo Ah-in/Kim Jae-wook a lead role sometime within the next half a year? Make it happen, Drama Gods.

(And wait until Joo Ji-hoon comes back from the army. PARTY, LET’S PARTY, IT’S PARTY TIME.)

  • rose85t

    this is the best cast too in my opinion! though i actually like kim jae wook as the lead actor….

  • S

    lol….i soo feel you…it took me some effort not to cry when the third casting news came out the other day….and i would die if any of the pairs you mentioned ever came true!!….lol

  • syl

    i can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiit !

  • Tvxq4everLove

    I want JoongKi AhIn and Jaewook in one drama…or movie :)

  • Epyon

    LOL, all your possibilities are awesome. XD I also want Song Joong Ki/Yoo Ah In/Kim Jae Wook to get a lead role sometime in the near future. Let’s all pray together to the Drama Gods. XD

    I don’t really care about Joo Ji Hoon. :P I did love him in Goong, but yeah. XD

    I also can’t wait for Mary Stayed Out All Night (what a stupid title btw XD). I don’t want SKKS to end, but I want MSOAN to start fast. Damn, a dilemma. XD

  • holycow!

    those are exactly my sentiments!

  • Elizabeth

    You just made me even more excited. Can’t wait to see this drama!