Season of changes

Here’s some once-in-a-blue-moon admin stuff: New layout!

Say bye to the old and annyong to the new. Trust me when I say that I’ve been working on this layout on-and-off for about six months. Also trust me when I say I’m a lazy shit. :)

No huge changes to the overall scheme of the site, but I think I’ve always been a little iffy with two column layouts (blame that on years of Livejournal use) so here goes this one.

Bye bye, old layout! You’ve served me well for over a year.

  • f

    hellooooo Sookie and Eric in the corner! :D

    I really like it! All I could recommend is a little more definition for comments and the “speak!” button (although the command really is enough, haha)

    • Amy

      I’ve decided that book Eric/Sookie are so much better than TV Eric/Sookie, and Alan Ball is a huge sack o’ shit.

      Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes, you just overlook things when you code until your eyeballs pop out…

      • Debbie

        I’ve decided that because book Eric/Sookie are sooo much better, I just don’t want them together on tv. Her annoying ass can stay with basic Bill tbh. I’m really wanting a Jason/Tara/Sam coupling.

  • Katie

    I’m loving this new layout a lot! Great job!

  • rhythm

    Dig the new layout! Was wondering if the field outlines when making a comment (Name, Email, Website, text box) could be a bit more defined?

  • Findus

    Niceeee layout !

  • shirley

    its pretty!