My girls are beautiful

f(x) at a Marc by Marc Jacobs show:

I notice that Victoria really likes wearing wedges, and I really am not a fan of wedges. I feel like they semi-cheapened the outfit she was wearing. Wedges just aren’t very red-carpety. Sulli’s outfit on the other hand, the bomb. She dresses well and poses well and is just so gorgeous, but I think it’s sort of sickening that she’s only 15/16. 15 year-old girls should really be hanging out with friends and talking about stupid things at sleepovers, and not attending fashion shows and appearing in W magazine editorials :( She’ll miss her youth when she gets older, but that’s another rant for another day!

  • pengork

    omg, you really like f(x), huh. guessing bikksong’s your favourite? she is entirely too precious. i’m feeling k-show fatigued so i’m not watching wgm, but whenever i hear her talk in korean i melt a little, she’s so goofy and precious. :3 i LOVE krystal’s outfit and boots. sulli is gorgeous indeed, she rocks everything. i don’t feel emotionally attached to her much, though. runa and hamber i love to death, too.

  • Isabella

    Oh Sulli’s outfit is just GORGEOUS. Perfect to a T. Vic’s outfit is great too but the wedges just ruin it. Love your new layout by the way! :D

  • esther

    I think Victoria wears wedges to balance out the slight bulkiness of her calves? I’m not saying they’re fat! But in comparison to Krystal and Sulli, they’re a little bigger so she wants to draw less attention to them? I agree though, wedges aren’t really red-carpet material.

  • Kali988

    lmao .. It’s also a type of heels. Don’t be lame

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