Happy 2nd!

It’s the blog’s second birthday!

I started the blog two years ago on this day. I’ve kept a plethora of blogs, from personal, to fandom-y, and I started this one primarily to write about all my interests without getting too much into the personal stuff. And it’s worked so far — I hope!

I have interest in so many things, and I wanted a place where I can talk about pop, fashion, sociocultural issues and show pictures of things I’ve done, without pigeon-holing myself into one specific category. And one thing I’ve always struggled with in terms of talking about my interests is being proud of all of them and what they say about me.

There are certain things that I always thought were cooler and more “presentable” than others — writing about a Chanel bag is cool, writing about 13 boys dancing to bad music is not. Generally speaking.

So I found that I unintentionally always catered to a certain audience and saved the Asian pop stuff for the Asian pop audience, and saved the fashion stuff for the fashion audience and saved the photos for the photo people. That gets tiring, and I wanted a new place where I could just keep a blog that is representative of me through my interests, instead of keeping a blog that is about one interest, written by me. I’ve come to terms with my interests and my writing ability so that I can tell people, hey, it’s great that you come to my blog for fashion posts, but I also like it when boys do stupid things on variety shows and I will write about it, and you should still keep in mind that no one interest is greater or better than the other.

I’m uncomfortable with people thinking that Asian pop is just a bunch of weird Asianphiles who like to listen to songs in languages they don’t understand and then dabble in kawaii shit, and I’m uncomfortable with people thinking that fashion blogs are only real fashion blogs if there’s a pretty girl standing in pretty shoes carrying a pretty bag while posing in front of the camera like they don’t know they’re being photographed, while looking lost and posing hunched over.

So, this blog is my attempt to write about all these interests without feeling embarrassed of any of them, or that they should be reserved for only those who understand that type of subculture.

For everyone who’s been reading since the early days, I salute you! I’m glad I haven’t scared you off :) And for those who are new to the blog, welcome and enjoy!


  • http://astromantic.org f

    Congrats! :D

  • cattey

    Wow. Congratulations!

  • pengork

    congrats! i like that you post about different stuff. the asian stuff.. i mean, almost everyone who sees me gushing about all these asian people thinks it’s weird and everyone is chinese and most intl fans seem to experience that. but many of those people end up converted to the crack and fun and shiny, too. luring people in with chanel bags and giving them doses of asian pop is as good a way to do it as any.

  • Findus

    yeahh! Congratulations ^^

  • rhythm

    Happy 2nd Birthday and congratulations! I’ve been following this blog silently for awhile now and have thoroughly enjoyed your well thought out articles (be it on asian pop, fashion, etc, etc). Don’t ever stop writing! :)

  • theleenbean

    yay! happy birthday (to your blog, i suppose) and congrats (to you)! personally, i like that you write about a variety of topics. i came here initially because of your kpop stuff (from gush from the fangirl – i was a little sad that you stopped gushing over there, but this post explains that somewhat), but reading your other posts on fashion and sociology and photos and what not, has given me a greater appreciation of topics that never previously interested me or i never thought about before. heck, i like reading anything as long as it’s well written, and i suspect other people do too. :) thanks for sharing and congrats (again)!

  • VintageMango

    Congratulations! (even though I’m a day late haha) So i just happen to stumble upon this blog about 30 minutes ago and i’ve been flipping through everything until page 24. I had to stop because its currently 2:11AM and i have to get some sleep. But yeah, i find you’re post soooo much more interesting than some of the other blogs that ive been to and thank you so much for that. Keep on the great work and update regularlyy (pleaseee);) haha

  • oreoreo

    wow congrats! i’ve been reading for a while now, but only recently developed the courage(?) to comment – so i can imagine what it’s like to put your feelings on a range of subjects out there :)
    honestly, i don’t agree with u all the time, but i guess that’s kinda the point – it’s always a good read and gets me thinking/drooling/lol-ing, so hopefully you’ll have many more blog bdays to celebrate!

  • http://lina468.tumblr.com l.na

    Congrats, congrats! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog; thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

  • mintyboy

    happy birthday to your blog! keep up the eclectic mix of awesomeness that you’ve been blogging.

  • D


  • Alixana

    I love your blog, I discovered it a month ago by pure coincidence and I’ve even read some of your entries dating back to early 2009. Tho I don’t agree with you on everything, I do acknowledge you as a smart and witty person with an uncanny ability to put their thoughts on paper/MS Word.

  • http://fangirltainment.wordpress.com zerohundred

    Congrats! I love how you post a lot of different things here. I don’t visit any other blog that does that, so it’s really refreshing.

  • Kaye

    I’m late on this, but happy birthday dear blog! I like how you described the purpose of starting this blog, and I really admire your confidence in posting what seems true to you. I have yet to be as open with my affection for Asian pop, but I love that you are able to present your range of interests so comfortably.