Fungus Workshop

There’s a place in Hong Kong called the “Fungus Workshop” and it’s basically a leather workshop where you pay money for a certain number of sessions and you make whatever you can/want to with the materials they provide. The people who attend make some amaaaaazing ish. I wish I lived in Hong Kong.

Go check out their blog for a whole bunch of photos of things their students have made.

  • Tracy

    Wow! That’s crazy. Only if I could sew, I would be all over that.

  • mintyboy

    you’ve really been on top of things, Amy, with all of these posts so often these days. That black bag is completely lustworthy and so is the girl’s shirt in that last pic. droollssss..

  • Donna

    Love all the leather products they made. That’s so cool, really wish I can take the class too! The camera holder/strap looks awesome. My favorite would have to be the small purse. I love the shoulder strap.