A Little Gatsby

An homage to my favorite book, a men’s fashion editorial, an Asian pop idol…this is too beautiful. I…I-I think I need a moment. *weeps*

  • http://agirlwithagoal.livejournal.com/ Rooni

    I LOVE this photoshoot !!
    I am a Nichkhun fan, but this is the first time I’ve reacted to his modeling in such a way.
    The whole style is really breathtaking. The first picture is my personal favourite. It’s pure genius !

  • http://astromantic.org f


  • rhythm

    For some reason his face and expressions remind me of Edison Chen in this shoot! D:

  • http://greenmilktea.wordpress.com Donna

    Since rhythm mentioned it. The model’s face and expression does have a slight resembles with Edison but this model is actually cuter. I like the last picture the most. I can’t resist a guy in a good tux. His gloves make it even more interesting to look at.

  • http://iamrachna.blogspot.com rachna

    FIRST PHOTO <333

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