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Far East

I’ve gotten the chance to photograph Far East twice now — once at ISA New York and once at Epik High’s concert — and sometimes I don’t even need to try very hard to make them look good because they always look like they just stepped off a men’s mag editorial. I love their style and it gives me glee to feel like a fashion photog :P

I really like instant photos

Scan: Stuff on my desk

Haven’t done one of these in a while:

Was cleaning my pig-sty of a desk and came across so much old ticket stubs, a bajillion instant photos, and so much makeup. From top left, rotating clockwise: photo taken on the day of the USA vs. Brazil friendly, lipstick, mascara, cellphone adhesive thingies that cost AN ARM AND A LEG, eyeliner, expense book (that I kept up with for like a month and then stopped), ticket stub from soccer game.

I love fan photos #2

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Season of changes

Here’s some once-in-a-blue-moon admin stuff: New layout!

Say bye to the old and annyong to the new. Trust me when I say that I’ve been working on this layout on-and-off for about six months. Also trust me when I say I’m a lazy shit. :)

No huge changes to the overall scheme of the site, but I think I’ve always been a little iffy with two column layouts (blame that on years of Livejournal use) so here goes this one.

Bye bye, old layout! You’ve served me well for over a year.