Stuff I haven’t gotten around to posting

I’ve decidedly become a sticker connoisseur. Bubbly stickers are cute, but they never last, and their colors are never sharp enough for me. The designs and patterns don’t tend to be intricate. Flat stickers like the ones above are the best. Look at the amazingness of the detail of the ones on the left!

Caved and bought a daily planner for next year even though I swore I wouldn’t get another Moleskine planner. Apparently they’ve come out with a bite-sized daily in different colors. I saw it, drooled all over myself, and then bought it. Sigh. I guess the good thing is that it’ll be like carrying around a small stack of post-its. Dated post-its.

  • Debbie

    What kind of soup is that? It looks good.

    • Amy

      Not sure, it’s just spicy broth that came with the ramen.