Kpop humor at its best

This is a fake Music Removed (MR) track for a performance of MBLAQ’s “Y.” Please watch and laugh your ass off.

Easily the best piece of Kpop internet satire ever. The reaction of Koreans to their own popular culture vacillates too starkly between supreme major ass-kissing from public media, unwavering loyalty from fans, to supreme defamation via nasty anonymous comments on the internet and there’s just not enough happy snark from the Korean audience about Korean pop.

More! More! I say a Kara song next. And then maybe a Korean brand of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. (How meta would that be?? A Korean Stephen Colbert making fun of American Stephen Colbert making fun of Kpop. Holy shit. I’d be amused for years.)

  • krijin

    Hahaha, beyond amused. Whenever it was Thunder’s turn…the voice was like a cat screeching lol.

  • hae anna

    ABSOLUTE insanely hilarious..hands down..

    laughing my ass off. . .

    Thunder’s part was epic!!!

  • inwe

    that was the best thing ever!!!!
    i almost died.

  • hairband