I don’t even know who I should blame

Man, I’m so over the Kpop music scene. Everyone tries so hard to out-do each other, but everyone for some reason, ends up looking like the everyone else anyway. How about we just concentrate on making good music, good videos, and good dances and call it a day? Instead of forcing these ridiculous concepts and images and blah blah blah and then getting accused of plagiarism left and right?

SHINee is not usually a group I pick on for this sort of stuff because I really enjoy their music and their efforts as artists, but SM is slowly turning them into gimmicky little marketing ploys and it drives me up the wall.

…Enjoy these?

  • http://notes.colorwalk.org/ melissa

    yay. i love memes.

  • breezyy

    lol love it!!
    i seriously don’t know why sm did this to them, poor shinee
    minho’s headress & eye makeup
    taemins rain jacket & makeup
    now this
    sm, pleasee dont do this to my love jonghyun

  • inquinn

    i agree. SHINee doesn’t have to hop onto the bandwagon and be made to go through all these. this whole concept thing has been going on for as long as i can remember but it’s just that within the last 1-2 years alone there had been too many idol groups debuting that it felt as if these concepts being shoved into our faces way too often. and now they’ve run out of good ideas.

    and doesn’t help that SM definitely does not have an impressive track record to boast about. DBSK’s ‘Triangle’ days will forever remain in my head.

  • b

    oh man, u dont know how i cringe every time i see this picture…its so ridiculous and hilarious and sad and…
    all the memes are amazing

    thats the first thing i thought of when i saw onew, karate kid…i mean that is THE FIRST thing i thought of hahahaha

    i cannot wait to see key I CANNOT WAIT…its gonna be crazy, but key will probably pull it off wonderfully ahahahha, he’s a diva like that hahaha.

    and i mean, i thought it couldn’t get any worse with onew and his ring ding dong “i stuck my finger in a electrical socket” hair ahahahahaha

    they usually don’t f up jonghyun so much, same hair cut just different colors u know…hopefully…

    but THEY CUT ALL MINHO’S HAIR OFF!!!! i dont think thats gonna work well for his face…

    and poor taemin is just gonna look like a total girl now, i swear they want taemin to be a girl, but he’s not, he’s just not…poor poor taemin, he just came out so pretty and now they want him to be a girl…

    i love shinee, i hope their comeback is epic though…

  • http://greenmilktea.wordpress.com Donna

    I agree. This is totally ridiculous. SM should shove it and let SHINee do their thing of getting good music out to us.