Drama styling tips #4: Bad Guy

I’m all about the styling of Han Ga-in’s Moon Jae-in in this one.

The guys are standard suits and chaebol-wear, and everyone looks sharp, but it’s nothing to write home about. Moon Jae-in, on the other hand, I love. I’m not that interested in how the Hong family daughters are dressed because it looks like typical expensive-women wear, and that bores me.

The one winning thing about a good majority of Jae-in’s outfits is that her shoes give her rather girly get-ups a sharper, harder edge. She almost always wear badass biker boots, either with stacked heels or no heels at all. Everything else about her outfits are extremely girly — pastel blouses, slouchy button-downs — but once you look down at her shoes, the feeling completely changes.

I really like that the stylists use all kinds of shapes and proportions on Han Ga-in, all of which give her outfits different silhouettes. They don’t stick to one cut with her, whereas in cases like Moon Geun-young in Cinderella’s Sister, there were essentially two shapes: the blazer with pants look or the blazer with skirt look. It was all the same silhouette. With Han Ga-in, different cuts are used with different materials so that outfits alternate between a flowy, breezy shape for when she goes to work, and then tighter, more body-conscious shapes when she needs to dress up.

I do have two chief complaints, though.

First is Han Ga-in’s hair and makeup, both of which I hate. I dislike Han Ga-in’s haircut in general but the hairdresser is driving me bonkers with how h/she’s styling it. For the first four or five episodes, she just had blunt bangs and swept the rest of her hair in a pony-tail. After that, it’s been a steady side braid or a splat of side-swept bangs with a pony tail. The side-braid looks so greasy and her bangs bug the shit out of me because I hate really overly styled side-swept bangs. It doesn’t feel natural.

Her makeup artist also needs to work on something new. It’s not very obvious in the caps I provided, but Han Ga-in’s consistent look consists of eyeliner slightly winged out at the end. I usually enjoy this look a lot and use it on myself too, but my peeve is that the winged tip doesn’t follow the entire shape of her eye, and cuts off about a centimeter away from the end, which again, doesn’t look natural. As you can tell I have a thing about hair and makeup looking natural.

The second thing is not just a complaint about Bad Guy’s styling but styling in Korea in general. Maybe it just doesn’t seem to work that way with fashion, PR, and media in Korea, but I barely, if ever, see authentic brand name goods on dramas. In the US, if you’re going to have a character carry a bag, you actually reach out to the fashion PR firm and pull pieces. That’s how it works. But apparently, that’s not how it goes in Korea, and this is one thing that really bugs me.

I’m not one of those people who get preachy about the bootleg vs. authentic debate, but if you’re going to establish a certain look for a character, either pull authentic pieces for a loan, or just don’t have the character carry that piece at all, because people who do know fashion will know these things do not match with the character’s established background. I’ve already picked out Mulberry Alexa, Givenchy Pandora, Miu Miu Turnlock Satchel copies that Han Ga-in carry in the drama. I’m not so much an expert on the realness of those bags as much as I just know that Korea doesn’t operate with pulling from PR, so I know they’re not real.

Okay, that’s it! :)

  • linhee

    I haven’t actually seen this drama, but the outfits look quite awesome :D I can never imagine myself wearing such high heels :(

    As for your point on the authentic brands, I think Kdramas don’t use it because it’s basically free advertising. I don’t really know what’s wrong with it, but I know Kdramas and Kvariety shows don’t allow free advertising.

  • yve

    hmm.. i do spot the new red cartier sling bag, a variation of the marcello in the 3rd pic – surely it would be pretty impossible to get a fake version of that bag?
    I’ve always wondered if the stylists ever keep to the “no pulling” rule, I’m pretty sure the huge female stars often use genuine designer bags and clothes.

  • h1llaro

    One question: where can we get her boots???

  • MissLuxedo

    I hope that you did more of these drama styling tips… I really enjoy them (and I’m pretty sure that other readers also do). Ever since I watched Bad Guy, I was immediately enamored with Han Ga In’s style (or more like her stylist’s) that I decided that it was to be my signature style during the spring and summer seasons of 2010 and 2011 (or maybe even 2012… yes, that’s how much I LOVE it) which was and still is a great decision since it sets me apart from the rest of my peers (I’m currently attending college).

    As I was saying, I really hope that you do more of these posts. When Bad Guy ended, I searched for any blog post or magazine article that did a feature on Han Ga In’s Moon Jae-in since it’s so EPIC!… Yours was the first to pop up and as far as I know, it’s the only one so far (and I don’t just mean concerning Moon Jae-in’s style, I mean that you’re the only one doing features like these).

    For another drama styling tips post, may I suggest Playful Kiss’s Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong… it’s got a mix of preppy and vintage which I adored (and may have been the only thing I adored in the whole series).

  • muth!

    i just watched the drama and so suddenly in love with jae in’s style. she is so stunning with her boots, pastel color, the blazer, the flowy skirt, the bags, ooooh god!

    i’m googling about her style but it’s so hard to find it, then i found your blog. thank you

  • Sarahxoxoob

    Wow finally someone talking about the amazing styling work in this drama, i too like missluxedo taped it on google to know more about han ga in’s look but didn’t find anything..

    until now thanks to YOU , i really love the match of pastels colours of all her outfits, it looks so soft in the eyes, i love it! Pastels became my favourites colors since the beginning of spring :-) and the mix of rock with her shoes and soft chic is genius the way she dresses looks simple and very classy but the boots break that discreet chic look, bring a personal addition and make the look less “perfectly chic”.

  • Shojo_jigoku

    when i first saw Han Ga In in Bad Guy, the first thing that draws my eyes is her boots. her styling is totally my style. But does anyone realise her dressing is kind of business inappropriate? i mean she wears shorts to work? even if Seoul is a fashion city, i still don’t think shorts is considered office attire. 

    about your claim that those bags Han Ga In is carrying, i think they are genuine. it just that South Korea doesn’t allow external advertising. brands which are not sponsoring the show are not allowed to be shown. have you ever seen a Mercedes Benz or BMW logo blurred out in some Korean dramas? even a can of Coke and Pepsi? one drama also blurred out the Motorola logo the character is using. advertising and PR in Korea doesn’t work the same way as it is in the US.