Drama styling tips #3: Moon Lovers

So, uh, the last two episodes of “Moon Lovers” have been really painful watch, so instead of doing that I’ll spam you with the styling, with an emphasis on the guys. (I tend to care more about how men are styled than women, eh?)

Japanese fashion is totally different than Korean fashion. There’s more stress on function and practicality over appearance. Things like how lightweight and durable a piece is is really important to Japanese design. Texture is also super important, and you can see that in the variety of materials used for the suit jackets that Kimura Takuya’s character wears.

Most of these are going to be regarding Rensuke’s (Kimura) style, because he’s the protagonist, and let’s face it, he’s the most interesting anyway. Ren is the president of a relatively large company, so the standard president-work-uniform is there — blazer, pressed pants, button-down — but what I really love about how he’s styled in this drama in particular is that the uniform is mixed in with a laissez faire feel, noticeable in things like throwing in a t-shirt, matching suits with non-preppy shoes, etc.


Let’s start with the full-body shots.

Kimura Takuya is not really a model by any standards. He’s on the short side and just doesn’t have the build of a model, which is why the tailoring on his suits have to be precise, or else he’ll drown in them or look too stumpy. That’s remedied by the his tendency (his stylist’s?) to leave things unbuttoned and not tucked in as to not box him in.


Shades, blazer, button-down/t-shirt/button-down with t-shirt, slacks, non-dress shoes.


I think this is the most interesting part about Kimura’s outfits. I think he wears the same pair of shoes all through the drama and it really lessens the strict business feel of wearing a suit in the office. I also like them because they’re don’t-fuck-with-me shoes, both in durability and in looks. Timberland meets thicker sole, but still classy enough to pair with a two-piece suit. They remind me of visvim’s shoes.



When he does button up, he varies between buttoning everything up, or buttoning one. I think this also varies depending on the material of the jacket — the lighter grey one seems to be a cotton/jersey blend — and thus more flexibility — whereas the darker colored ones look like they could be wool or any other stiffer fabric.


When it’s ultra casual time, graphic tees come in. I think in America graphic tees are now too annoyingly “ironic” and hipster to not approach with some eyerolling, but in the drama, it makes Ren look less scary :D


Now we move on to the evil mastermind assistant, Kazami. He wears mostly dark colors and cool colors, and his outfits are usually all one color. Not a friendly dude. Never gonna catch him in a crisp white button-down. All these little things are reflective of a character acting as antagonist.


I’m not really a fan of female Japanese style, but I like how Yuzuki was accessorized in the drama. She’s a rich president’s daughter, which definitely is reflected in the warddrobe, and everything was fun, not compared to the Eun-jo’s stark and serious outfits in “Cinderella’s Sister.”



Last but not least, Naemi. She’s got a sort of boho/relaxed look. Lots of swishy fabrics, everything looks really comfortable and casual.

  • http://me.astromantic.org f

    THE most disappointing drama this season. :( It had a lot of potential, but it just does not meet expectations. And the ratings were unusually low for a Kimutaku drama (from my experience)…

    I’m glad you decided to talk about the style in this drama; being so high budget, they had to have done something right!

    (And don’t forget the sunglasses!)

  • hatazad

    yes..is that ray ban sunglases??

  • Dodo Birdie

    FYI the boot Takuya is wearing is Redwing boots. You will notice that similar brand he wear in Hero and few others. The same to say about Ray Ban shades.

  • are you sure?

    in the pics provided, kimura’s wearing kangaroo virgil’s and cap toe virgil’s by visvim, for the ss10 seasons.

  • Pokerface

    Can anyone tell me the exact model of his ray ban sunglass?

  • parfektionisto

    Any idea what is the wallet that Rensuke is using? The wallet comes with a metal chain, and that places a part on his image as well. It’s definitely a casual approach, but amazingly goes well with the formal look with blazer.