Busy bee

Slowly updating the wall. Changed string to wrapping twine, which is much more durable, and exchanged the binder clips for tiny clothespins. So cute!

Finally bought a Fuji Instax and the color pay-off of the images is so much better than that of Polaroid film imo. And it’s nice knowing that Fujifilm will always be available for sale.

I’m always, always on the look-out for a tote bag with a great slinky shape, which is why I’ve got at least 20 in my closet. First one came free with a purchase at Strand bookstore, second one from J. Crew (LOVE the shape and the fabric is soooo soft so I bought two different designs…), and third came with an issue of Nylon Japan.

  • http://fangirltainment.wordpress.com zerohundred

    OH, I love your wall. I was collecting stuff so I could do this myself, but I was wondering what you had supporting the twine on either side? I bought hooks, but what you’re using looks cuter.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      They’re actually just regular colored thumb tacks, but slightly larger in size because I knew they had to sustain a small weight dangling off them for an extended period of time.

  • QingMei

    Your wall looks cool and that J.Crew tote is so cute. I love your ‘love’ earrings too. Where are they from?

  • anny