Am I going to have to lay down some whoop ass?

To preface, I love this couple. I have a bit of a Victoria weakness, but hey Nichkhun’s amusin’.

This episode, was not. It’s like watching an episode of a bad K-drama where you’re just hitting yourself in the head because the second female lead is doing stuff that only a second female lead would do to pursue a crush on a male lead — stay up all night to make food, follow-up on a promise meticulously …

This is now becoming one of those unfortunate stories where the girl is a little bit too much into the guy and talks about it happily with her girlfriends and then the guy’s like whaaaatevaaaazzzzz yo, I don’t need to do shit and I’ll still charm your panties off!! I hope Vic lays the smackdown and makes Khun work for it a little bit more.

I think the couple has a lot of chemistry and I hope it exists outside the show, but Vic is more believable than Khun, only because Khun is a helluva sweet talker and I’m glad Vic doesn’t fall for that shit so easily. (Though I wish she’d lighten up in thinking that this was actually a real relationship…)

  • m

    this situation seems like victoria is more into him and he is into her.

    • m


    • Amy

      I don’t think she’s really into Nichkhun so much as the fact that she’s really into the idea of dating, I think. I think she’s really starved for the regular stuff that non-idols get to do. She might have had a crush for him but I think that might stop after this episode lool.

  • bechedor79

    Late to the commenting, even though I read this when you posted it, but I totes agree about Victoria needing to lay the smackdown. I think a lot of Nichkhun fans are sort of surprised at how blase he’s being about things (and I wonder how much of that is just editing), but I definitely don’t want Victoria to remain victimized. They have the potential to be my new Alex/Shin Ae (or, the closest approximation to them as I can get these days), and I am hoping Victoria trains him out of his ridiculous sweet talking.