Team _____ ?

GQ July 2010

Details March 2010

Artistically speaking, the Lautner shoot has nothing on the Pattinson one. The Details one is pretty fanfuckingtastic for the eye. (You can see the full GQ shoot here and the full Details one here.)

Unfortunately, I — who did really, really, really like R Patts in Harry Potter (RIP, Cedric) — am Team Taylor. Robert Pattinson possesses about as much social grace as a sock does. He can’t give an interview without squirming and making me squirm. I’m sure he has some anxiety issues, and it’s pretty obvious from the things he says in interviews, but he just doesn’t look like a homey to me. I would not want to chill with him. Also, he has Z-E-R-O chemistry with Kristen Stewart.

Taylor Lautner on the other hand… mmmm.

I should stop before I reveal that I’ve seen one too many Twilight movies.

  • mintyboy

    I am neither team RPattz or team Taylor, but goddamn!!, the former does take some amazing photo-shoots. The only animated Twilight thing I’ve seen is the 1st trailer, and based on that, I am definitely team Edward, despite me not liking the actual actor in his actual life. It’s sad that the person I see onscreen is totally at the other end of the spectrum from the person playing him. You got it on the head, btw, that RPattz is socially inept in real life/interviews. His only redeeming quality is his accent. I’m a sucker for accents and that is why I have found a haven in Trueblood, better storyline and overall cast. Are you a fan?

  • Jen

    I’m personally not attracted to either of them at the moment. RPattz was super gorgeous as Cedric Diggory but now he just looks like a drug addict 24/7. He just comes across as soooo awkward and weird. Its just a big turnoff and then on screen he is dull and blah and has no chemistry with Kristen either. Taylor, on the other hand, has an awesome bod but he is just so ridiculously baby-faced that I cannot possibly find him sexy and plus his “acting” sucks as well. I choose team Carlisle (he’s the only one I find attractive in that entire cast).

  • cattey

    Bella can have Edward! Jacob is all mine!
    He sure is fiiiiiiiiiine!

  • Donna

    Lautner is really hot in those photographs!