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Monkey majik

This music video is easily the best looking Kpop video to come out this year. The cinematography is gorgeous and the visuals are sharp and sleek, the styling is fun and well put together.

Unfortunately, this song just isn’t very unique and the actual content of the video is unremarkable. I’m reminded of Jinusean’s earlier stuff, stuff that was the typical hip hop bling, hoes, and cars — except in TOP’s case, it’s Goyard bags and luggage. I’m also irritated by the brand-name dropping because TOP is more than capable of telling folks he’s badass without having to talk about McQueen or Galliano. Yeah you can argue that “that’s just what hip hop artists do,” but honestly, name dropping is is so outdated and the second half of the video looks like one long product placement video.

I generally really like TOP but I’m experiencing TOP fatigue from the oversaturation of TOP lately in the media. From what I’ve gathered, he’s not so remarkable an actor that it garners this much press, but that’s what happens when idols are in movies and dramas. That aside, I’m kind of tired of TOP the rapper too. Back when he still used to rap performed while Big Bang was still promoting, he started doing this thing that my friend likes to call the “DMX effect.” The DMX effect is basically when you shout words and get gruff and just come off as unnecessarily angry and for some inexplicable reason drop your voice several octaves lower than how you usually sound. That’s just how TOP sounded whenever he was covering songs live and it just really drove me bonkers because I’d never had an issue with how he rapped and I’d always preferred his rapping to GD’s.

However, even though I think “Turn it Up” is kind of one-note, it’s an excellent song to exercise to :D Nothing better for a gym playlist than one that talks about how much you rock and how awesome you are.


Mmm Pharrell. Please make babies with me.


Finally got this overpriced bastard. I’ve been itching to buy it for months now.

What’s in my bag — umbrella, card holder, 2 MAC lipsticks, phone, pouch with band-aids, floss, etc.

Team _____ ?

GQ July 2010

Details March 2010

Artistically speaking, the Lautner shoot has nothing on the Pattinson one. The Details one is pretty fanfuckingtastic for the eye. (You can see the full GQ shoot here and the full Details one here.)

Unfortunately, I — who did really, really, really like R Patts in Harry Potter (RIP, Cedric) — am Team Taylor. Robert Pattinson possesses about as much social grace as a sock does. He can’t give an interview without squirming and making me squirm. I’m sure he has some anxiety issues, and it’s pretty obvious from the things he says in interviews, but he just doesn’t look like a homey to me. I would not want to chill with him. Also, he has Z-E-R-O chemistry with Kristen Stewart.

Taylor Lautner on the other hand… mmmm.

I should stop before I reveal that I’ve seen one too many Twilight movies. #2, songs

Someone on formspring asked me:

what are a few of your most fav songs?

This list got a little longer than I thought it’d be…

Imogen Heap – Just for Now (acapella version)
I love this song so much that when I went to watch Imogen perform a couple of weeks ago, when she started singing this song, I teared. Oh, and, Imogen is AMAZING live.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

Kyuhyun – Smile

SHINee – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
Easily the best Kpop debut song ever. Don’t hate. I know all the lyrics to this one -_- No, but seriously, “Hug”? Terrible. “Twins”? Ear bleed. “Oh Yeah”? Oh no. I’ll be honest, I find SHINee still kind of lifeless and boring outside of performing, but you know what, they are easily the best group live out of all their peers and that’s what they debuted to do anyway.

Khalil Fong – Love Song

★ Cinderella’s Sister OST – Minor Waltz

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Ibadi – 오후가 흐르는 숲

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