#1, beauty things

Someone asked me on formspring:

whats your skin care/make up routine?what products do you use?

I’m not usually a big skincare or makeup person, because my policy has always been, if you live right and eat right, it’s better to keep those things to a minimum lest you develop a dependency for them at a young age. But in the last couple of months I’ve started being a more frequent user of both. I’m pretty big on eyeshadow though, my one weakness :(

On the days I use shadow, I stick to MAC’s Relaxing, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, and Smashbox’s Smokebox. MAC’s Relaxing is my favorite eyeshadow of all time but I found out that it’s a limited edition color and I haven’t been able to find a similar shadow from MAC or other labels :(

Also a fan of blush. I’ve got a golden complexion, so peachy stuff works best for me. Pictured above are NARS’ Orgasm and MAC’s Apripeach. On days I just want a little color, I use Bare Mineral’s’ Golden Gate.

I went through a phase in high school where I bought a lot of makeup but never used it because I just didn’t know how to. Now I’m slowing buying one or two pieces at a time and actually contemplating when I will use it to maximize the product’s effectiveness. Currently into buying lip stuff. Above L to R: Fresh’s Sugar tinted lip balm, NARs’ Falbala, and Benefit’s Flirt Alert.

Fail safe lip stuff. I like the Burt Bee’s and Ecolips balms because they’re minty. Nivea’s balm is really saturated with color. It actually could work fine as a lipstick.

Stuff I bought today: NARS bronzer in Laguna, Bare Minerals’ powder, powder/bronzer brush, brush cleanser.

  • z

    I like it! Minimalist beauty.

    Do you use any base make up? If so, what are they.

    • Amy

      Nope, I don’t.

  • Donna

    MAC does have a lot of nice colors. I like the color of Fresh’s Sugar tinted lip balm. How is Bare Minerals’ brush cleaner? Does it work well?

    • Amy

      It’s a Sephora makeup brush cleaner. It works pretty well. Smells good too.

  • L

    Hi! Just came across your blog today and like what I’m reading. I wanted to ask… where did you get those containers for organizing your makeup? I love finding ways to keep all my stuff organized and this would be a great addition (:

  • Edwin Mayenschein

    I boughtheard of Klix makeup brushes. They are ultra modern , you just “click” on new clean brush heads. My favourite products so far