SS501’s “Love Ya”

I dig SS501. When DSP was pushing them really aggressively back in 06-07, I thought their music was pretty bad, but they’re the one group whose music and comebacks get progressively stronger with every release. I loved “Deja Vu,” loved “Song Calling for You,” really liked “Love Like This,” and now “Love Ya.”

This is going to be a good comeback. I had no expectations for “Love Ya,” but the song and the music video totally surpassed my expectations. The video and the choreography are just so attractive; it’s hard to tear your eyes away from it once you start watching.

My only hesitation with this group is that they’re not the best live. Jung-min and Young-saeng are dependable, but the rest of them vary from performance to performance. I think Hyung-joon will be pretty good this time around, and ditto for Kyu-jong. I have no expectations whatsoever for Hyun-joong, lol.

  • jheyp

    omg i thought of the same thing, i watched the video last night and i couldn’t stop watching it. the dance is good and the hip thrust makes it hotter. i stayed up all night finding info on them cause i never really paid attention to them until now and i’ve become a fan. i’m officially a whatever their fanclub name is.
    p.s. which one are you from the seoulbeats crew?

  • YY

    I couldn’t agree more w/ your comments. I only recently got into Kpop, so have been doing lots of YouTubing. LOVED “Love Like This” when I initially heard it, but w/ repetition, the song became more & more generic to me. However, this single shows definite growth for ’em. Not sure if I’m looking forward to seeing the live performances of it though as they really are one of the most inconsistent live groups…sometimes I just can’t help but cringe.